Wednesday, July 18

More Kids Pics

nicole & bea playing with chopsticks at oki doki

my mom & only grandson, pio miguel in MOA

pio's homeschool books

pio studying in our room

kids clowning around at MOA's Nat'l. Bookstore

gabbie inside the school bus

gabbie playing around before going to school

pio & jocjoc (of dzmm)

I am so excited to use my new phone (n70), given by hubby. Here, I've posted more pics taken recently in our home, at the mall of asia, dzmm studio and even inside the school bus. he he he. Bear with me guys, I just love to take pics of my kids even they're asleep or while taking a bath. My cabinets are full of photo albums and photos on cute picture frames are displayed everywhere. I have a new assignment from hubby, to scan all of our pictures and save them in a disc. I think I would be needing more discs, and more time.


Christina said...

I can so relate with the kids pictures part :) ganun yata talaga -- we want to preserve every moment, specially since childhood is sooo short. sigh!

Cheers to your gorgeous kids. Stay happy.

annamanila said...


I enjoyed your kiddy pictures. Goodlooking kids. Was it taken by a phone camera? Can't read what you say about the the photos.

Give me a break and lighten up on yuor text. I simply can't decipher. Be considerate that goldies like me. hahaha

rowena said...

hi tina, thanks for the compliment. on my first-born, every week I took pics of her. but on my 2nd, 3rd and 4th child, got fewer pics na. good thing now, everyone has a phone camera.

hi anna, thanks for the visit. all pics posted are taken by my phone camera. am so sorry about the text, i'll fix it now for you.

noemi said...

Oh we have the same phone dear. the quality is really good. As you know I am a photo blogger . Sometimes my cam batteries ran out, and the n70 is quite a good substitute. I love the photos of your kids. I miss having little kids prancing around. I have so many photos of my kids but have been so lazy to organize them. My last album was when they were 12. ugh.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Rowena. Thank you very much for greeting Yohan Happy Birthday. He had a fun celebration last night. I let him stay home today so he could rest. I realized it's a great time for me to catch up with my favorite blogs as well.

Thanks for sharing the photos of the kids. Glad you have a new phone and you're enjoying its features. I recently got a new one too and I love the built in flash of the camera of my new phone. :)

Enjoy the rest of the day.

rowena said...

Hi Noemi, this phone is really heaven-sent. Came at the right time when I wanted to share so many pics thru my blog. Thanks again for the visit. Btw, I've learned so much from reading your blog.

Hi Rachel, I'm sure Yohan is enjoying his day off from school. And you're right, am also enjoying my new phone. Let me guess your new phone- is it the Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot model? I think (the built in flash)it's the main feature of the unit, that's why pics come out so clear. Am I right?

Annamanila said...


It's the dark green background that's made it unreadable to me. But .. are you going to change it on my account? Eh ako lang yata nagrereklamo. hahaha

rowena said...

hi anna, since you really took time to read my post, i decided to change the background color. am sorry i still stick with green though. it's my favorite color. he he. hope to see you more here.

chateau said...

Hi Rowena! I had a bit of difficulty reading through the dark green background too. This one's better :D

So, jocjoc is a real kid pala??? All the while I thought it was just computer-manipulated VO (voice over) haha... Nice to have a face to tie to the jocjoc voice over ted and korina's program haha.

rowena said...

Hi Chats, I thought my template and the colors are ok, di pala. Siguro my kid (my only fan) doesnt also want to say something about it. Hay salamat to annamanila again. My friends also texted that they like the new background color.
Anyway, thanks for visiting this space again and again. Re: Jocjoc, he's really real, smart kid pa.