Tuesday, April 29


SPOT Pass Card 1

SPOT Pass Card 2

Polu Kai Grill ***

Polu Kai Grill

Fu **

Texas Roadhouse Grill ****

Roadhouse pasta marinara and skewered shrimp n salmon

Starbucks ***

more cakes, cupcakes, pastries at Starbucks

Krispy Kreme's cookies and cream donut ***

KK chocolate and almond donut


Portico's interior **

Cuillere (French resto) **

suman & mango with hot choco by Choco-late de Batirol

Mezzaluna's resto/bar appetizers

Mezzaluna's interior

Cupcakes by Sonja **

raspberries and cream cupcakes

MAMOU *****

roast pork and chicken - the specialty

iced tea (not the typical one)

prime ribeye steak with side dishes

grilled vegetable salad

Mamou's choco sansrival

Miss Desserts **

more desserts

cheesecake and choco decadent cake

New Orleans ****

the bar

resto interior

banana foster

New Orleans pigeon blackened ribs

T.G.I.Fridays ***

wall decor

spicy shrimp pasta

TGIF ceasar salad

Kabisera ng Dencio's ****

kabisera's adobong pusit rice with pinakbet salad

more pinoy food

Kabisera's interior

Kabisera's wall paintings

sin-turon (sinful turon with ice cream)

ube palitaw (Kabisera)

Italiannis chicken (Italiannis ****)

fish fingers (fillet)

classic carbonara

bloggers taking pics and getting Italiannis prepared food

Italiannis panacota (this is a must-try)

Italiannis tv monitor airing the sports channel

Xocolat ***

Xocolat chicken croquettas, brownie, hot choco

Yesterday, we (me, Julie and Cookie) were lucky enough to make it to the first 100 registrants to the first-ever SPOT Bloggers Tour, a food trip around the finest restaurants in Serendra. Our generous sponsor is the newest website about dining, drinking and going around Manila, the

We were given a SPOT kit which includes ID bracelets, location map, spot pass, notepads & pencils and the SPOT card with the list of participating restos/shops. The resto managers should sign our SPOT card before or after we had sampled their special dish/viands, drinks or desserts, for we would receive another gift if we complete the tour. Nice of them huh, they would let us eat for free to our hearts delight and then give us a gift after. I wonder what the gift would be. I still have my card with me, we're supposed to get our gift at the Summit office in Ortigas. And I would be doubly-delighted if this is a visit to the spa...ha ha ha.

Going back, having tried the buffet (all-you-can eat) offerings of Manila's five star hotels and some fine dining restaurants around, I wasn't prepared to go around 19 restos in one day. This is just too much. And I'm thankful to for the experience and the following restaurants/coffee shops (the * represents my rating on the food, interior, rates and service):

Krispy Kreme ***

Starbucks ***

Italiannis ****

Kabisera ng Dencio's ****

Texas Roadhouse Grill ****

T.G.I.F. ***

New Orleans ****


Choco-late de Batirol **

Cuillere **

Cupcakes by Sonja **

Fu by Hei Shin Lou **

Kape Isla **

Mamou *****

Mezzaluna ***

Miss Desserts **

The Polu Kai Grill ***

Portico **

Xocolat ***

There hope you get to choose your next eating destination...