Friday, July 20


Today is my grocery time since the ref is almost empty. And tomorrow, our helper will have her birthday day off. During weekends I'm a one-man army here at home. By Sunday, I would be attending also a seminar on another business opportunity offered by my college classmate and kumare, Joan. Don't worry this is not ala-Francwiss, she texted me. Hubby almost invested there. God is so good indeed. We've been duped before of our hard-earned money. That would be for another post. Well, this is my grocery lists:
Golden Fiesta cooking oil
Datu Puti soy sauce and vinegar
a dozen of eggs & quail eggs, red eggs (SM Bonus or Surebuy)
Nestle Fresh milk (for Nicole)
Nestle Corn Flakes
Purefoods Chunkee Corned Beef
Purefoods Pork and Beans
Ligo sardines
Purefoods or Maling luncheon meat
Dole pineapple tidbits (for breakfast desserts)
Safeguard or Irish Spring soap (for hubby)
Ivory or Tender Care (for me & kids)
Surf detergent powder and bar
Zonrox cleanser (for the kitchen's use)
Domex cleanser (for the bathroom)
Joy 2-ply tissue paper
Milo (powdered milk chocolate)
Nescafe Gold instant coffee
Coffeemate creamer
NIDO 5+ milk (for Pio & Gabbie)
Purefoods hotdogs
CDO burger patties
Pampanga's Best tocino & skinless longanisa
SM Bonus sweet ham
Dairy Creme butter
Magnolia mango powdered juice
Lucky Me instant noodles
Knorr Cream of Asparagus soup/Cream of Corn soup
SM Bonus or Surebuy sugar
Eden cheese
Royal elbow macaroni
Pantene Glossy Shine shampoo
Johnson's baby shampoo
Band Aid alcohol
PH Care feminine wash
Pond's facial cleanser
Close-Up or Hapee toothpaste
Alaska evaporated milk
quaker oats
frozen mixed veggies (corn, carrots & green peas)
Dizon ripe mangoes
ponkan, apples, bananas

at the wet section:
labahita (my favorite)
daing na bangus
ground beef & ground pork
pork liempo cut
pork pata
beef shank (for bulalo)
beef mechado cut
beef tapa
magnolia chicken wings/ drumsticks
chicken adobo cut
magnolia chicken tocino/ chicken teriyaki

There I have my lists, I'm gonna print it and go straight to SM or Rustan's. But when I'm in Makati area, I go to the Landmark's grocery (it's much cheaper there compare to the two).


Gina said...

Rowena, what is labahita?

Looks like you are going to have a well-stocked pantry and fridge!

enjoy the weekend!

Heart of Rachel said...

Happy weekend Rowena. I like the lighter shade of green you used for your post template. It's easier to read and refreshing to the eyes.

We did our grocery the other day but we went to SM after my son's class earlier today to buy some items we forgot.

rowena said...

hi gina, that i have to find out, the english name for labahita. have to buy these for a week's meals. forgot to include the veggies we use for pinakbet & inabrao.he he. happy weekend too.

hi rachel, thanks. i've realized mine is darker that's why annamanila can't read my texts. good thing she commented on it. he he. happy weekend.

raqgold said...

hi rowena, thanks for visiting. i agree with you about landmark, they are cheaper than SM and Rustan's -- though i cant get enough of Rustan's buy one take one :-) meron pa ba non?

Annamanila said...

Aww you have a grocery list as long as mine and I have six children who have incredible apetite, a husband, and katulongs. :)

Are you still excited about shopping? Once upon a time, it was the highlight of my week. Saya saya kong magshopping. When there's no more alley to push my cart into, I feel sad.

I dunno why that simple joy has faded. I want it back sometimes. :)

Ay oo nga, hindi na endangered ang mata ko dito sa bahay mo. Thank you ha?

Annamanila said...

Gina, labahita is ... ay, bakit ako sasagot? haha basta masarap yan i-fillet ... sabi nga ng nanay ko lasang baboy. wala halos tinik di ba Rowena?

rowena said...

hi raqgold,i've been comparing the prices of those three grocery stores, landmark has a low mark-up talaga. nag promote pako noh. yup, rustan's still has the buy one take one on meats pag siguro matagal na sa freezer nila. he he
thanks for the visit. btw, are you married to a german national? my grandfather (dad's side) was also a german.

hi annamanila, the lists is long although i only have four kids (plus one helper, one driver) because we have guests almost everyweek, usually my hubby's friends. labahita has little tinik and taste so good. btw, am very thankful to you, o di ba ok na template ko...

rowena said...

anna, one thing pa pala, i really enjoy buying groceries (not shopping for myself). di ako mapakali pag paubos na food sa ref. one time, i almost gave birth while in SM, nag leak na pala waterbag ko. eh panu nine months preggy na nasa mall pako and i still drive pa. left the vehicle at the parking lot and took the taxi. he he

rhodora said...

Hi, Rowena! Thanks for dropping by at my site.

Hmm.. long lists you have! hehehe. I also go for Golden Fiesta because it's cheaper compared to other brands. But sometimes, I splurge on Canola oil, because according to our family doctor, it's the best veggie oil. Mahal nga lang!

You're an incredible mom! I used to take charge of everything in the house when I was younger, like your age - and I would be OC sometimes with orderliness and cleanliness, but with my age - hmmm.... humihina na ang tuhod.. hehehe.

rowena said...

Hi Rhodora, am again honored that bloggers like you took time to visit my humble site. I also tried canola oil, but i've read somewhere that it's not really good for the health. Whatever...I still buy canola oil though if I don't see the Golden Fiesta. he he. Incredible mom huh? I cant even describe myself as such...But am also quite OC. Friends would call me oc-oc. Btw, I've read that you're in law school. I would like to lend you all my review materials (from UP & Ateneo review centers)since I still don't have the guts to take the bar exams (long-delayed due to successive pregnancies & a busy career then).

lady cess said...

ang dami nyan! your ref must be huge!

Analyse said...

what a long list! pang isang linggo lang yan?? hehe.. mine could be written on a post-it lang.

rowena said...

Hi Cess, my ref is taller than myself. he he. Not so huge naman. Pero kasya yang nasa lists ko na mga food.

Hi Analyse, that's for one week. We have three heavy meals a day. Hubby insists that we all eat rice and 2 viands (each meal) during breakfast. Sometimes, I also prepare champorado or oats for my kids when they're in a hurry to go to school. With all these foods, it's a wonder why my kids still look so thin...That's my big problem. One thing pa, we have guests every week kaya I make sure me extra sa ref..

noemi said...

when i used to live in makati, I had my groceries at cash and carry or walter mart. I just found Landmark inconvenient. Parking lot is far etc.

Belle said...

yes, i agree, you have a long list. i do most of my shopping sa linggo, but i buy perishable food daily. and one dish is plenty for us.

i know when we have visitors, my grocery budget doubles, or triples even.

rowena said...

Hi Noemi, I agree parking is hard to find at the landmark area. When I'm there, to buy groceries, I make it a point to park very near the exit fronting the shang.

Hi Belle, I would have wanted to do it daily, but the stores are far from my place. And my hubby's visitors are usually his soldier-friends. You know how they eat...He he

Heart of Rachel said...

Good day! Kindly drop by my blog when you have time to pick up your award. :)

evi said...

i didn't know landmark is cheaper than SM. i sometimes forget to make my list but because i do it every month, it's comes to mind easily.

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

and your bill is P10,000++

grabe that's a lot for a weeks supply.

i do my grocery once a month, and marketing once a week

rowena said...

Hi Evi, yup they're cheaper. I should know, an aunt works as a merchandiser there. He he.

Hi Girlie, not naman 10k. My hubby would get mad pag ganyan budget for a week's groceries.

Christianne said...

Hi Rowena, got here through Raqgold :) when we lived in Makati suki kami ng Landmark! Parking was never a problem because we could walk home. The exception was fresh veggies and fruits, Rustan's usually had a better selection if I remember it correctly.

Naglaway ako diyan sa list mo. I miss Eden cheese and Purefoods TJ hotdogs! And Ma Ling - wala ditong luncheon meat or Spam. Waaah!

rowena said...

Hi Christianne, thanks for the visit. Am happy kasi I have a new reader to my blog. Siguro, you used to live in San Lorenzo or the nearby condos. Sosyal ka ha...You're right, Rustan's has a wide selection on veggies and fruits. Re the Ma Ling or Spam, what's their luncheon meat version in Sweden?