Friday, July 20


My friends have emailed me, telling me they've been reading my blog. Thank you so much. They (like Au Reyes) copied my posts and saved them in their computer files. Au asked me to post more so she doesn't have to search in other sites. For your requests, here's more (straight from Nestle Club website).

Encourage the writing of thank you letters.
For sure, your child will be receiving gifts for their birthdays and for christmas. The very next day, before he or she forgets the excitement over the gift, sit your child down and have him write short thank-you notes. Tell him how happy his card will make the person who gave his present.

Walk the talk.
Use the words “Thank you” and “You’re welcome” often. Speak respectfully to others and before long, your little ones will be emulating you. As they say, if a parent does it to a child at home, then he carries this to school where the child infects his friends.

Saying grace before eating.
“Thank you Lord for the food we eat… the people who prepared it for everything.” Letting your child lead the prayers at the table teaches the child the value of gratitude and dependence on the Almighty.

Blanket for Bonding
Enhance your child’s imagination with this fun activity: lay on a blanket one afternoon and share with each other the hidden images you find in the drifting clouds. It’s surely something for your family to engage in to create simple yet unforgettable bonding moments.


Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Rowena. Thank you for your birthday greetings to my son. Funny you mentioned it on your comment, he actually wanted to sleep with his new Transformers but I convinced him that he might accidentally crush them while sleeping so he relunctantly put them on the table before sleeping.

I love the idea of children sending Thank you notes. Yohan is still learning to write. Perhaps next year he is more able to write letters.

I've taught Yohan how to say 'Thank you' and 'You're welcome'. Sometimes it's funny 'coz he reminds me to say 'You're welcome' to him whenever I forget to reply. :)

Blanket bonding ... love this idea. Thanks for sharing.

rowena said...

Hi Rachel, my son Pio would always sleep with his toys around our bed. One time, his toy cars and legos are all over, I cant lie on my back, sakit tuloy ng likod ko. He he. Am glad you liked these tips.