Thursday, July 19


As I was watching DZMM's teleradyo this morning, I catch up on Dos Por Dos (one of my favorite radio show). There's a news that AFP gave an ultimatum to the MILF to surrender the ones responsible for the killing of 14 marines. The MILF even boasted in another interview, that they have actually killed 30 soldiers. I cannot comprehend for the life of me, how these trigger-happy bandits (like the abu sayyaf) would kill our soldiers in what they say as an encounter, and behead them as well. I cannot imagine also the grief of the soldiers' parents when they see their sons in these condition. I have so many Muslim friends, they too condemned such acts.
I remembered my hubby's bestfriend and classmate in the academy (who's supposed to be the best man in our wedding) was killed by the rebels. First, they were kidnapped. When the rebels are about to kill the civilians, Ronnie pleaded to let them go and offered his life instead. Yes, they killed him and mutilated his body. When my hubby went to the airport to fetch the cadaver, the mother is in so much grief. The father asked my hubby if that's really their son. He noticed that the box is shorter, son is a six-footer. Hubby didn't tell them that his legs were also cut. What a waste! He was such a good man, intelligent and a loving son also.
Now we lost of many of our soldiers who are only doing their job. The job they have pledge their lives with, that is to protect our country, and to protect us. Do we just keep silent or do something? We want justice....Justice For the Marines.


Heart of Rachel said...

My heart goes out to all the victims and their families. May justice prevail.

rowena said...

Rachel, we really want justice for them. Am also quite affected because we have so many friends who are in the Philippine Marines, including a brother in-law.

faith said...

Hi rowena,

I wrote a very angry post after the beheading, bec. of the absence of an appropriate response from our government. Then, I had second thoughts bec. someone out there might read it and probably take it against my husband.

But I agree with you wholeheartedly, there's no way to call these people (why do we even insist on calling them our countrymen, huh?) but beasts.

rowena said...

Hi Kim, same sentiments here. Good thing there's an on-going operations (headed by my BIL) right now against the perpetrators of the despicable crime.