Sunday, December 6

Chocolate Walnut Fudge by Red Ribbon...


Over the years, Red Ribbon Bakeshop has come to be known as the leader and innovator in cakes. With its best-tasting signature cakes like the Black Forest, Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate Marjolaine that Filipinos have come to love and enjoy, Red Ribbon has become an essential part of every gathering. Aside from these signature cakes, Red Ribbon has not failed to surprise us year after year with innovative and delightful cake offerings that have instantly become dessert favorites and instant additions to any gathering—from the family favorite S’mores Chocolate Cake to the feel-good comfort of Cookies and Cream with Oreo and, most recently, White Forest which brings everyone’s favorites together.

As we usher in the Holiday Season, all of us are bound to be looking for that extra special cake for the season’s much-anticipated gatherings with family and friends or to gift to our loved ones. And, just as we thought we’ve seen and tasted everything, Red Ribbon caps off the year with yet another delightful offering, perfectly in time for the season of giving and celebration—the new Chocolate Walnut Fudge with Hershey’s Dark Chocolate.

Chocolate Walnut Fudge with Hershey’s Dark Chocolate is Red Ribbon’s newest addition to its Premium Selection line. It is made of a layer of creamy chocolate mousse on a bed of moist fudgy brownie, both loaded with chopped walnuts and finished with dark chocolate ganache, sprinkles and long chocolate curls all made with Hershey’s Dark Chocolate to make it even more irresistible.

So, as this season calls for a more special dessert for our gatherings and gifting needs, we need not look further than Red Ribbon’s new Chocolate Walnut Fudge with Hershey’s Dark Chocolate. This ultimately indulgent cake is guaranteed to make any gathering more special.

The new Chocolate Walnut Fudge with Hershey’s Dark Chocolate is available in all Red Ribbon stores and select booths for P680.00. Offered only this holiday season, it’s the perfect ending to any celebration.

Another Christmas Cake....


Make your loved ones delightfully merry this holiday season with a unique gift as Red Ribbon Cakes by Design introduces a beautiful cake made especially for your Christmas festivities, the Santa’s Wish cake.

Inspired by the beloved icons of Christmas, Santa Claus, with his cherry-red hat, twinkling eyes and fluffy white beard, who brings joy and cheer to children and adults alike and Christmas trees that call to mind the one standing proudly in your home, Red Ribbon’s Santa’s Wish cake lets your loved ones revel in the joy of the Christmas spirit unlike any other. A truly special holiday cake, the Santa’s Wish cake is sure to bring much delight to any Christmas celebration.

Red Ribbon’s Santa’s Wish cake is made with moist and dense rhum butter cake with a layer of creamy caramel filling and covered in soft and smooth icing. The deliciously festive flavors combine for a true Christmas symphony of taste, certain to elicit appreciation from your loved ones this season.

To help you avoid the Christmas rush, Red Ribbon’s Santa’s Wish cake will be available on a pre-order basis at any Red Ribbon store from November 27 – December 15. Order now and add an extra special touch to your gift with a personal dedication on the cake.

Red Ribbon’s Santa’s Wish cake will be available off-the-shelf in all Red Ribbon stores from December 22 – 24 at only P550.

Sunday, November 22

Choosing Candidates for Public Office

Election time is fast approaching. Have you made up your mind who among the many candidates you will vote for? What would be your criteria for choosing your candidates?

It is so sad that there are self-seeking interests and ambition within the government and even in the church. People are seeking to play king, obsessed for position and recognition by others. Such self-serving interests and ambition often lead affluent candidates to place advertisements and hold press conferences to gain influence in an attempt to promote their own agenda. Sadly, these advertisements and press conferences often result in spreading rumors and tearing others down in an attempt at self-promotion.

These people think they have the gift of saving people. They see it as their calling to save all the poor, and enrich their lives. But most often such people have hidden agenda behind their actions. It’s not really love at all, but a way to promote themselves.

Although the call to serve is universal, some of us may have the wrong idea of service. We do not need to hold public office to be able to serve people. We do not need to have a title or position to serve our neighbors in need. We only are required to fulfill the duties placed before us by God in whatever state of life we are in with great love for God and our neighbor. We can give life to that love by doing our ordinary duties extraordinarily well for God’s glory. We can volunteer for ministries in the church or any non-government organization. We have to keep our eyes open to the needs of the world around us.

One has to mind his own life and affairs first, and it would involve getting one’s spiritual life in order, getting the planks out of one’s own eye that one might have the ability to help others in their failures and difficulties. How do we know who among these candidates who openly declare that they love the Filipino people so much are sincere? What we need to see is faithfulness—lives that back up their job or business with works and a walk consistent with their talk.

We cannot trust somebody who does not truly love God. How can somebody say that he loves God whom he does not see when he cannot sincerely love his neighbors whom he sees? How can somebody who cannot remain faithful with his/her spouse be faithful with the whole Filipino nation?

Who are those who, as children of the light, walk after the example of the Lord Jesus Christ? Who are those who abide in Christ by faith and walk in the pursuit of growth in love and holiness? Who are those with a real heart of service for the poor without any vested interest? Who are those who do not exploit and use the poor for their own self-seeking ambition? People who really love God are those people who obey and try to please Him in whatever they say and do, with or without any press people watching.

John Paul II said, “The deepest joy there is in life is the joy that comes from God, and is found in Jesus Christ.” We can find joy in serving God and ministering to His people. John 10:10 says, “I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly.” An abundant life is a life of love and holiness. A life of love and holiness is a life shared with others in service, not necessarily having the highest office in the government.

Exercising our right to vote is no joke. It comes with a big responsibility. The future of our nation especially the younger generation is in our hands. Let us pray hard. God uses emotions and conscience to speak to us. Come election time, listen to your heart, then go out and vote.

Wednesday, September 23

Let There Be White...

Red Ribbon launched its newest cake last Thursday, September 17 and I was privileged to be served with one....the White Forest Cake.

The Red Ribbon White Forest is made with creamy white chocolate and light, moist white chiffon cake layered between real cherry bits filing and a fusion of cream and white chocolate flakes. The cake is gloriously crowned with beautiful cream rosettes with luscious long-stemmed, red maraschino cherries on top. It is enrobed in and generously finished with melt-in-the mouth white chocolate shavings. One can't help but feel delight with the unique, heavenly taste of this combination of flavors when tasted. This harmony of white is definitely a sight to behold and taste! It's truly a deliciously memorable dessert experience that no one will soon forget!

We even took home a whole White Forest Cake. Thanks to Red Ribbon.

with mommy-bloggers Lyn, Julie, Salen and Enchie

For deliveries, call 8-77-77

Monday, September 14

Active Fun, Where Kids Can Play All They Want

We (mommy-bloggers and kids) were treated to an afternoon of fun last Friday (September11) in the newly-opened play place, Active Fun at SM North. Kids enjoyed going back and forth on the giant slide, swim in the pool of balls, endless jumps on the trampoline and many more sweat-inducing games. We all had so much fun, as shown by the wet hair of our kiddos and wide smile on their faces.

Now that the Christmas season is fast approaching, we mommies can shop all we want while our kids will also have a blast at Active Fun.

For the rates, please check Active Fun. Thanks to Apple Morales for the invite.

Wednesday, August 26

Hanging Out at Conti's

I admit I'm such a food addict. I love to take my kids on a food trip weekly. One of the resto we've been coming back to is Conti's. We have tried dining at the Trinoma and Greenhills branches and the food is still great wherever...

Must try is the baked salmon and of course, don't go home yet without tasting their famous Mango Bravo.

Pond's Pore Management

If you want to feel good, a clean, fresh face is a great starting point. Pond's recommends a simple daily cleansing routine. In just three steps you'll feel like you've just walked out of a health farm.

Effective pore management

Knowing how your pores work is the first step in pore management. Pores are essentially openings in the skin, and there are two types: sweat glands and follicles, which secrete oil. Pores become clogged when oil, grime, makeup or pollutants accumulate as hardened plugs, and these plugs form blackheads.

Clogged pores occur most often around the nose, which has more oil glands per square inch than any other area on your face or body. When the duct is blocked, the waxy 'sebum' – that's the oil – trapped inside becomes infected and produces whiteheads, also called pimples or spots. Conventional methods of clearing blackheads and whiteheads include squeezing, but this is painful, it often leaves permanent scars, and it may lead to infection when the skin is broken. That means you're more likely to get acne.

Suction with a vacuum tube is often used in beauty salons, but that can cause broken capillaries and it isn't very effective: the treatment is superficial and may not remove deep-seated plugs completely. The best way to manage your pores effectively is a regular, thorough cleansing regimen to minimise the build-up of sebum and surface dirt.

A good routine would involve three easy steps.

1. Cleanse

Cleanse your face with a proper pH-balanced cleanser. There are different types of cleansers: some people like gels or liquids and others prefer solid bars. It's just a case of finding the one that's right for you. After cleansing your face, massage it for 1–2 minutes and then rinse it thoroughly.

2. Tone

Use a toning product to kill bacteria and remove any residual makeup. Natural ones such as tea tree oil and witch hazel are good: they have antiseptic and astringent properties.

3. Exfoliate

Exfoliate with products such as scrubs, creams and masques to slough off dead skin cells and stimulate cell renewal.

In addition to keeping your face clean, you should resist the urge to pick at spots. Try using pore strips to remove debris in pores.

If you wear make-up, be sure to remove it thoroughly with a reliable remover: never go to bed without cleaning your face. Avoid using make-up and skincare products that may aggravate pore clogging. For instance, applying a cream that is too rich on already oily skin may lead to the accumulation of debris inside the pores. It's important to know your skin type.

If you exercise regularly, make it a habit to cleanse your face after every workout. Good skincare practices will help to keep your pores clear and your skin free of blackheads and pimples.

Source: Unilever

Sunday, June 28


So many shoes... so little time :)

VNC celebrates its MID YEAR Sale!
Satisfy your foot fetish with up-to-the-minute trends
at half the price! Get strapped with fab finds at 70% off!

Visit VNC at Robinsons Galleria, Glorietta III, Robinsons Place
Manila, TriNoma, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, Alabang Town Center,
Shangri-La Plaza Mall and SM North Edsa Annex.

Sale Period: starts June 26, 2009

Wednesday, June 24

The Weight Is Over With Slimplicity!

Note: Re-post from Reliv website

An online obesity advocacy group leader recently revealed that about half a million Filipinos now suffer from obesity. This alarming figure is likely to get worse if we continue with our unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Now more than ever, YOU have the power to take control of your weight in the most effective, convenient and healthy way!

Thanks to Reliv’s Slimplicity® Weight Management System, you now have a reliable partner in winning the battle of the bulge!


The Slimplicity Weight Management System is a three-step program that helps you trim pounds and inches without losing muscle tone and sacrificing nutrition.

Just follow these three simple steps and you’re off to a great start to a new YOU!

  1. Replace your lunch with a delicious, filling Slimplicity shake, rich in essential nutrients and fat-eliminating ingredients.

  2. Take two Slimplicity Accelerator capsules an hour before mealtime to help suppress your appetite, activate metabolism and boost your weight loss.

  3. Tune in to healthy living by adding more steps to your day and eating healthy and well-balanced meals.

Shake Those Pounds Off for Good!

What makes Slimplicity shakes so powerful are these supercharged pound reducers:

  • 10 grams of soy protein – keeps you feeling satisfied and helps build lean muscle.

  • Advantra Z – burns fat, develops lean muscle and increases metabolism without escalating your blood pressure or heart rate.

  • Tonalin - trims the fat, decreases appetite and helps you maintain weight loss once you reach your goal.

  • L-Carnitine – helps your body burn more fat and boost stamina and endurance.

  • Plus: Inulin (FOS), ChromeMate®, CitriMax®, OptiZinc®, and essential vitamins and minerals.

Speed Up Your Weight Loss!

Aiming for faster results? Make sure you take two Slimplicity Accelerator capsules an hour before mealtime to maximize these powerful ingredients:

  • Hoodia Gordonii - suppresses your appetite so you eat less, feel energetic and lose excess pounds.

  • NeOpuntia® - a fiber-filled fat blocker that binds fat to help you prevent bulges.

  • 7-Keto® - stimulates a more youthful, active metabolism.

I am a Reliv product user and distributor too, contact me or leave a message here for inquiries/orders.

Stay fit, stay healthy...

Tuesday, June 16

Handling In-Laws

There is a saying that goes that people cannot choose who their parents will be.

And this saying goes true too to not being able to choose who your in-laws will be.

As befitting the Filipino customs, there is another saying about marrying a would-spouse’s family, not just the spouse himself or herself. Old Filipino traditions tell of stories about how a would-be groom worked hard for the would-be bride’s family: working in the farm, getting water from the well and other tasks requiring heavy physical labor.

These are not being done today though.

A priest officiating a wedding once enumerated the three things that can break a marriage: money, in-laws and unfaithfulness or infidelity.

I have no doubt a lot of couples can relate to the in-laws problem since there are a lot of meddling in-laws around town.

Let’s face it, in-laws may mean well and they are probably concerned about their children and their spouses but there are times that they come across as domineering, all too-knowing and yes, downright evil.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter to them that they act as such, especially when they go on power trip, but they just say they have the best intentions for their actions. Do they really? Or do they just want to be the wedge that comes between the relationship their child has with his spouse?

I have heard of a lot of horror in-laws stories from friends. I cringe when I listen to them tell how they felt bad, humiliated and insignificant.

Some of these horror stories are:

Being called selfish and saying water meter is being watched for consumption (nagbibilang ng tubig)...tsk, tsk. I wonder how can one really count the use of water?

Questioning why two-year old kid is still being spoon-fed during meal time by nanny....

Brothers or Sisters-in-law eavesdropping to what is being discussed among family members to be reported to the higher-up, AKA parents-in-law...

Living with a mother-in-law who has the tendency to instruct maids to look in the daughter-in-law’s cabinets or rooms for her bed sheets and blankets...

Mother-in-law telling her son that his wife is evil...

Mother-in-law accusing her own son and wife of stealing old cassette tapes and native baskets/hampers.

Mother-in-law telling daughter-in-law that she's interested with the family home because she came from the squatters' area. This is really mean...

Mother-in-law telling the daughter-in-law's helpers that she's "maluho" or extravagant when it is the contrary.

Mother-in-law telling daughter-in-law that she's glad they (her son's family) were gypped in an investment scam. How can a mother say that to her own son...

The list will go on and on if I continue to write what happens between sons/daughters-in-law and their parents-in-law.

Back to the previously enumerated three problems that can make or break a marriage regarding money: financial matters.

It is very hurtful to hear a mother-in-law state that no financial help was extended to her when returned checks bear her name. A lot of times, it's all about the money. Do they still expect their son to give the family's income to them?

There are no right and wrong way to handle these kinds of situations. It all depends on how one can really hold on to the “beatings”.

For me though, one of the best ways to handle this would be to put distance: physical, emotional and social distance.

What about you?

Saturday, May 30

Clinique's 3 Steps To Great Skin

I have been using Clinique products for years. When the opportunity to go to a Clinique event came up, I knew this was an opportunity that I know I absolutely cannot pass up because I believe in these products.

I went to the Clinique event looking forward to what will be done with us and the other mommy bloggers who also signed up with the invite. And I can say this is one of the most organized and cool events I've been to.

First we had the Skin Type Analysis.

We underwent a skin type analysis during which a Clinique product specialist asked questions about our skin. I answered the questions and later knew what the type of skin I belong to. I have a SkinType 2 which is characterized as dry and dehydrated.

Then we were instructed to do the 3 Step Skin Care System

Step 1: Cleansing with Liquid Facial Soap

Step 2: Exfoliation with Clarifying lotion

Step 3: Moisturizing with Dramatically Moisturizing Lotion

These 3 step skin care I have continued to use till this day. I have noticed a dramatic change in my skin. My skin is now clearer and glowing. I even feel that my skin has become radiant.

Clinique products are 100% fragrance-free and have been formulated for Asian skin. These are also allergy-tested.

The results are more than satisfying and positive. My sisters noticed the change in my skin too.

I love the results I got from these Clinique products and that goes to say, hubby does too.

Friday, May 15

When To Toss It Away

I was checking my dresser the other day, found out I have cosmetics, perfumes, lotions, hair gel and even facial foam wash that I haven't used yet. Now that I consider myself a low maintenance mom, these things will take months before it gets consumed. And I don't usually wear make up plus I'm so lazy to do beauty rituals before I go to bed. Problem is, I don't know if I have to toss them away or I can still give some to my friends or sisters. Good thing I came upon this article from Good Housekeeping.

Face Makeup

Toss-it time: Six months for liquids; two years for powders
Insider info: You increase the odds of bacterial growth — and, hence, of breakouts or irritation — when you repeatedly dip your brushes and fingers into liquid foundation. Also, as it ages, foundation can go on unevenly, creating a streaky, inconsistent finish. “Oils rise to the top, and the consistency thickens,” explains New York City makeup artist Mathew Nigara. Powders present less of a problem because bacteria can’t grow where there’s no water. However, over time, powders with botanical ingredients like aloe or jojoba can become harder to blend and are more likely to crumble, as their trace amounts of water evaporate.


Toss-it time: Three months
Insider info: “A mascara tube is a dark, wet environment — the perfect breeding ground for bacteria,” says New York City optometrist Andrea Thau, O.D. “Preservatives in a mascara only work for so long.” Dr. Thau knows from firsthand experience: She once developed a sty from a makeup artist’s mascara wand. Plus, three-month-old mascara is a non performer. “It’s chalky and powdery, and any lengthening or thickening fibers often separate from the fluid, so the mascara stops going on in a smooth, even coat,” says makeup artist Cristina Bartolucci. To avoid hastening the demise of your mascara, never pump the wand — that pushes air into the tube, causing it to dry out faster. Instead, slowly draw out and twist the brush to scrape the tube’s interior and pick up product.

Eyeliner and Eye Shadow

Toss-it time: Liquid eyeliners, three months; cream eye shadows, six months; pencil eyeliners and powder eye shadows, two years
Insider info: As they do with mascara, bacteria tend to flourish in liquid-eyeliner tubes, and the product dries out. Pencil eyeliners have a longer shelf life because you can create a fresh, clean surface each time you sharpen them. (Just be sure to regularly sanitize your sharpener with rubbing alcohol.) Powder shadows, like pressed powders, are less prone to contamination because they, too, lack water (if you wet them, toss after six months). But aging eye shadows have performance issues: They get packed down, making it harder to pick up pigment with your brush.

Lipstick and Lipliner

Toss-it time: Lipstick and gloss, two years; lip liner, two years or more
Insider info: Lipsticks’ water content makes them potential mini reservoirs of bacteria. No surprise, they also dry out with age, says New York City makeup artist Tina Turnbow: “They no longer look creamy on the lips.” Long-wearing formulas may have an even shorter life span since they often contain ingredients that evaporate more quickly than creamier formulas. Pencil lipliners, like eyeliners, may last a little longer since putting them through a sharpener removes the old surface.

Nail Polish

Toss-It Time: One to two years
Insider info: When polish expires, the consistency turns gooey or stringy. Formulas are especially sensitive to temperature extremes and humidity, so avoid storing in the bathroom.

Skin Care

Toss-it time: Acne creams and other over-the-counter products that contain drugs are FDA regulated and usually carry expiration dates. But cosmeceuticals (products claiming to have anti-aging and skin-changing benefits) are not regulated, and once they’ve been used, they shouldn’t be kept for more than six months — or, if they’re in pump bottles, a year — says Wilson.

Insider info: “Some ingredients [such as vitamin C, retinol, and hydroquinone] degrade even more rapidly if they’re left in direct sunlight or exposed to air,” says Tina Alster, M.D., a Washington, D.C., dermatologist. Less frequently — but more alarmingly — certain products can actually become more potent over time, says Boston dermatologist Ranella Hirsch, M.D. The reason: Active ingredients like retinol and glycolic acid become more concentrated as their bases degrade, separate, or evaporate. And when proportions change, your skin may get irritated. To prevent problems, store cosmetics properly, discontinue use after six months, and look for products that come in a pump, which helps keep air out. Another option that’s starting to hit shelves: special jars that dispense creams through a tiny hole or slit when you press the top (an internal “floor” rises with each push).


Toss-it time: Six months
Insider info: Sunscreens are FDA regulated, and though they usually have expiration dates of at least one year, that date indicates the purchasing time frame. When you open a tube, water may start evaporating, causing the formula to eventually become unstable. Once that happens, the ingredients are no longer evenly distributed, so you may get a lot in one dose, but nearly none in another. Protect your tube by storing it out of the sun.

Hair Products

Toss-it time: One year
Insider info: Always close the caps of shampoos, conditioners, and styling products tightly. Otherwise, water and air can get in, breaking down the formulas or causing them to separate. (Good news for hairspray users: Aerosol cans are the best product protectors going, so sprays should stay good even longer.)


Toss-it time: Two years — or potentially many more
Insider info: “Eau de toilettes and perfumes can last for several years, as long as they’re kept out of humidity and sunlight,” says Robert Gerstener, co-owner of Aedes de Venustas, a New York City fragrance emporium. “Both of these elements can alter notes in a fragrance, which will then change the overall scent.”

Simple Stay-Fresh Secrets

  1. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before putting your fingers into a product.
  2. Avoid reinfection. Stop using all eye makeup if you have an eye infection and lip products if you have a cold sore. The exceptions: lipsticks, lip liners, and eye pencils, which can be shaved clean with a knife or sharpener. (Just cleaning with a tissue won’t suffice.)
  3. Smell your mascara when you first purchase it. If you recognize that scent, you’ll know when it goes bad: Expired mascara often takes on a funny, chemical odor.
  4. Choose a cotton-tipped swab or disposable sponge to apply makeup to a pimple — and avoid double-dipping. Going back and forth from the product to the affected area with your finger or a sponge can lead to contamination.
  5. Try to use labels, stickers that “remember” when a product was first opened and alert you when it’s no longer wise to use it.

Wednesday, May 13

8 Smart Ways to Reduce and Reuse

Go for eco-friendly living, here are some ways:

microfiber cloths
Reach for Reusable
One microfiber cloth can take the place of 60 rolls of paper towels before it needs replacing — and is gentle enough to use on nearly all surfaces (even eyeglasses). Keep a few handy for absorbing spills, wiping down counters, de-streaking mirrors, and more.

travel coffee mug
Mug Around

Bring your own travel cup to your favorite java joint: Most places will fill it for you, and often at a discount. While you're at it, start carrying a refillable water bottle.

milk jug
Be a Jughead

If your program won't take milk or juice cartons (and your taste buds won't mind), try switching to brands that use plastic jugs, which are much more recyclable.

file folders
Hug a Tree, Virtually

Before you hit the "print" button for that party Evite or Web driving directions, consider your options: Could you print on the back side of paper you've already used once? Jot down just the address if you're going to a familiar area? Or maybe use the "note" feature on your cell phone? If you prefer not to print double-sided, the backs of cut-up, once-used printer sheets make excellent by-the-phone notepaper.

cleaning products
Refill 'Er Up

Many cleaning products are available in large jugs for decanting into the smaller spray bottles. Also, look for concentrated cleaner refills for which you can reuse the old spray bottle and just add the water, and "ultra" strength detergents, which save packaging because you get more laundry loads out of the container.

double a batteries
Switch Your Portable Power

It's hard to find a program that recycles one-use batteries, whereas rechargeable ones can and should be recycled — and never sent to a landfill, since they contain cadmium. Plus, you'll be buying less, since you can easily charge up the reusable kind many times before they die.

dry cleaning
Dry-Clean Greener

You may already bring reusable bags to the grocery, but here's a way to waste less at the dry cleaner, too, put your clothes on a handy bag.

plastic bowls
Bulk Up

For foods that come in hard-to-recycle tubs (yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, margarine), get the largest-size container and dole into smaller reusable ones as needed. Then, use the tubs for freezing leftovers (just don't microwave in them, as most are not designed to handle the heat and could melt). Other uses: stashing desktop odds and ends, as planters for growing herbs, or kids' crayon storage.

Source: Good Housekeeping

More Laundry Tips

As I am in the laundry business, I always look for ways to improve our services by trying new products, surfing the net, reading forums among moms and clipping magazine articles. I came across an old magazine with TLC for textiles as one of its articles. Here are some more tips on washing and drying the softies in your home reposted on this blog.

Clean Dingy Curtains

When the weather permits, take down drapes, curtains, or sheers and shake them outdoors to remove surface dust. Then machine wash at the highest water level, adding window coverings after the tub fills so they can move about freely. Remove from the dryer and hang immediately. After washing sheers, dip them in a solution of 1 cup Epsom salts and 1 gallon hot water, and hang them over a shower rod or towel bar to dry. You won’t have to iron them.

Wash Slipcovers

Presoak washable fabrics in cool water with regular detergent for 5 to 10 minutes. Wash on the delicate cycle, then dry on the lowest heat setting. For a smooth fit, put slipcovers back on furniture while just slightly damp. Hint: Use a wooden spoon to tuck fabric into crevices.

Perk Up Pillows

Check care labels, but in general it’s safe to wash polyester- or down-filled pillows two at a time in the machine on the gentle cycle for 2 minutes. (Be sure to check seams on feather pillows for any gaps and mend openings, or they may burst when immersed or during the spin-dry cycle.) Toss a couple of clean tennis balls into the dryer with pillows to plump them up. Hand wash foam cushions in the tub or sink with a mild detergent and warm water. Air-dry.

Launder Comforters and Blankets

For cotton, rayon, or synthetics: Presoak or use a prewash spray on badly stained items. Then wash on the delicate cycle (check label for water temperature; if not specified, choose cold-water setting) for about 5 minutes with regular detergent and oxygen bleach, if safe for the fabric. Put in the dryer on the gentle cycle, or line dry. For down-filled: Wash separately using a mild detergent and the delicate setting. Thick comforters may need an extra rinse cycle to remove all the soap. Add a clean sneaker to the dryer load to help down fluff back up.

Towel Care- use mild detergent when washing them.

Quick Touch-Ups

• Refresh pillows, comforters, and curtains by putting each item, along with a fabric softener sheet, into the dryer on the air-only setting.

• Mop up pet hair, light soil, and debris on washable slipcovers with a slightly damp microfiber cloth; use a lint brush on silk or delicate textiles.

• Dust off drapes, cushions, and fabric-covered chairs by vacuuming on a low setting (use upholstery attachment).

Thursday, April 30

Potter's Ridge Tagaytay Visit

Sometime last year (after Christmas), we visited Tagaytay again. Since Tagaytay is the nearest out-of town gate away (took us 2 hours to get there), this is the fave destination of my kids. And for the first time, we tried Potter's Ridge, a newly-built hotel located at km.67, Aguinaldo Highway. There, we met the very gracious owner Marissa Potter. She gave us a generous discount for our rooms and even joined us for dinner, chatted how she spends her retirement benefits building the hotel and the story behind each painting or decors around the place. All the staff are efficient and friendly too. I was informed that the hotel is being maintained by 19 staff. How's that for multi-tasking, he he...

By the way, they also grow their own veggies here, talking about eating organic food...

This is such a cozy place. My kids enjoyed our stay here during the freezing month of December...

the dining area with the view of the lake

my son having tapcilog and hot chocolate for breakfast...

family room

deluxe room

for inquiries, visit

Red Ribbon Sugar-Free Cakes...

No birthday celebration is complete without a cake in our home. And not just an ordinary one but a Red Ribbon cake. Recently, Red Ribbon launched its newest addition of must-try products, to the delight of my weight-conscious friends or in my case, a diabetic member in the family...

Layers of chocolate cake covered with luscious Belgian chocolate icing and lavishly topped with chocolate powder, chocolate swirls and almond slivers. No sugar added chocolate cake.

Light and heavenly chiffon cake with luscious mango bits in cream cheese layers topped with mango slices. No sugar added Mango Passion.

For delivery, call 8-7777...

Monday, April 20

Historia De Un Amor

This is a very timely song...a story of great love.

Ya no estás más a mi lado, corazón.
En el alma sólo tengo soledad.
Y si ya no puedo verte,
¿Por qué Dios me hizo quererte?
¿Para hacerme sufrir más?
Siempre fuiste la razón de mi existir.
Adorarte para mi fue religión.
Y en tus besos yo encontraba
El calor que me brindaba
El amor y la pasión.
Es la historia de un amor,
Como no hay otro igual.
Que me hizo comprender
Todo el bien, todo el mal.
Que le dio luz a mi vida,
Apagándola después.
¡Ay que vida tan oscura!,
¡Sin tu amor no viviré!
Es la historia de un amor.
You're no longer by my side, my love
And in my soul I have only loneliness
If I can no longer see you
Why did God make me love you?
To make me suffer more?
You were the reason for my existence.
Adoring you, for me, was religion.
In your kisses I've found
The warmth that gave me
The love and the passion.
That's the story of a love.
Which has no equal
That made me understand
All the good, all the bad
That gave light to my life
Then turned it off.
Oh what a dark life!
Without your love I will not live!
That's the story of a love.

* Historia de un Amor (Spanish for "a love story") is a song about a man's old love written by Panamanian songwriter Carlos Eleta Almaran. It was written after the death of his brother's wife. It is also in the soundtrack of a 1956 Mexican movie of the same name. The song tells of a man's suffering after his love has disappeared. (info from wikipedia)

Tuesday, April 14

Mommy Bloggers' Get-Together at Burgoo...

After weeks of staying at home, I finally attended a bloggers' event. This time it's mainly a get-together. A good friend, Racquel arrived from Germany. We met and dined again in Burgoo at the Podium. And for the first time, I've met Salen and Aileen. As usual we had endless chats while enjoying the food. Plus the non-stop picture-taking. A Burgoo crew instantly became our official photographer using nine different cameras...and I tell you, it's not even tiring to smile.

Thanks Racquel, we really had a great time.

mommy-bloggers' get-together (pic from Rachel)

mommy-bloggers havin' fun... (Salen, Rachel, moi, Chats, Jane, Dine, Myrna, Julie, Noemi, Aileen and Racquel)

Saturday, April 4

My 39th Birthday...

Last March 18, I turned 39. As I was about to check on my kids, I was surprised to see these...

the banner (in their messy room, ha ha)

the cards, gifts and my kids' names on the heart shaped paper

the birthday poster

pop-up card made by Nicole

personalized birthday card

a note from Bea

a shampoo and bath soap from Gabbie

Nicole's gift

They really made me so happy. I didn't know they were up to something when I tucked them to bed and kissed them good night. Two days after my special day, they gave me another gift, a notice from school that my kids are awardees for Academic Excellence and would be receiving medals on Recognition Day. I couldn't ask for anything more...Thank you Lord.