Friday, July 20


Here's more my friends (from Nestle Club), enjoy your mommy works....

Clean out your ref
Before buying food, clean out your ref first. Do this regularly so you get the most health benefits (and savings) from the food. Don’t stock up more than you have so that you enjoy your food at its freshest.

Think small and big
If you have budgeted an amount that has to cover a wide variety of goods, buy the smaller sizes so you stretch your peso to afford the wide variety that you need. On the other hand, when you have extra cash, go for the big sizes because you get savings on volume discounts.

Save through technology
Want to connect with friends and relatives abroad? Lean how to email or voice-chat over the internet- it’s for free! Ask your teen to teach you how to use the internet. Example, instead of buying recipe books, search for recipes through

Bathroom Makeover
Re-arrange toiletries by placing them in spare baskets or clear food containers. If short on space, hang a large, colorful drawstring bag at the back of the door and use it as a hamper. Add a picture of a place you dream about or put a fragrant plant inside to keep it smelling nice.

Flaunt the Freebies
Get old calendars with breathtaking designs, artistic food menus, hip party invites, printed handkerchiefs or colorful postcards. Place these in a frame for display. Liven up the kitchen or your living room by hanging dishes or any interesting item on an empty wall.

T-Shirts as Throw Pillow Covers
A child’s T-shirt fits very nicely as a throw pillow cover. Turn shirt inside out and sew neck and arm openings closed. Stuff with cotton or old pantyhose until you have just the right plumpness, then sew the bottom part. This is a great thrifty idea!

New Life to a Lost Sock
There are many ways to recycle socks that have lost their partners. Why not use it for applying furniture polish, floor wax and other types of cleaners?

Mystery Keys
Mystery keys are those keys that you keep but don't actually know what they open. To avoid the mystery key syndrome, when you get a new key, immediately trace the new key and label it and file this information. It just takes a little time at first but will save you hours and hours of searching (not to mention the headaches) if you have to match keys to the right locks.

Moisturize as You Clean
When using rubber gloves to clean, put your favorite hand lotion or moisturizer it will help slip hand easily into the rubber gloves. And while your cleaning, it will moisturize your hands especially if you handle warm water.

Handy Spice Bottles
Spice bottles can sometimes be so pretty that it's a pity to throw them away. Recycle them by using these as containers when storing spools of thread. Put the strand through the hole of the bottle to prevent tangles. Spice bottles can also store embroidery needles or hold craft things like safety pins, sequins, buttons, glitter powder, etc... Or you can fill these up with flour and use it to sprinkle flour to meat or fish before frying to prevent it from stick to the pan.

Get the Dirt Off Those Pans
For stubborn dirt on aluminum pans, boil the pan filled with 3 tablespoons of cream of tartar and 1 quart of water. Boil for 10 minutes. When the pan is cool, with just a little scrubbing the hardened dirt will come off easily, then wash and rinse the pan well.


Kid's Play
Instead of having your kids watch TV or play video games all day, why not play outdoor games with your kids? Bring out the kid in you by playing patintero or hide and seek, or simply engage them in a game of habulan- something to keep you active!

Outdoor Fun
You don’t need to spend much for your family to enjoy. Take the fun to your backyard! Why not play some music at your garden and dance with the kids? You could even try dining outdoors, under the stars, with a lantern or candlelight and exchange stories. In this way, you create an intimate atmosphere for treasured memories.

Water Balloons
To make get-togethers more exciting, why not break up families into two teams (combine young and old and mix families for more fun). The teams stand a distance from each other and toss water balloons back and forth. The person who pops a balloon is out. Another water balloon is given to that team. Teams keep going until only one is left...and everyone is wet! This is best played outdoors.

Musical Dress Up
Let your teen organize this one- something interesting to make parties more memorable. Fill a black garbage bag with weird stuff (e.g. a mask, a green-colored wig, a moustache...). Play musical chairs and pass the bag. When the music stops, the person left holding the bag grabs something to wear from the bag (without looking in). The game continues until the bag is empty...and everyone looks silly. Take group pictures for posterity!

Spill the Beans
Delight your party guests with this simple yet enjoyable game. Pass around a bag of chocolates and tell people to get as many as they like but not to eat them yet. After everyone has gotten from the bag, then tell everyone that this is a game. For every piece of chocolate that they took, they have to tell the group one wish they want to come true for the coming year. This is a great way of getting to know your friends and relatives, as well as help them achieve their dreams.


Easy, Painless, Splinter Removal
Working with your hands you're bound to get you a splinter sometime or the other. Just put white glue on the splinter area. Let it dry and then peel off the dried glue and the splinter will come off with it.


Pest Repellant Recipe
A recipe to keep pests away from your plants: blend together 1 peeled onion, 2 peeled garlic cloves, 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper, and 3 cups water. Strain and refrigerate the liquid and coat your plants the next day.


chateau said...

Ooh, I love these tips, rowena! Esp the pest repellant recipe. will definitely make that one, kasi andaming ants dito sa amin hehe.

rowena said...

hi chats, one thing pa about this club (where i got the tips), they have free cooking class every month at their rockwell office. you might want to join us...

kathy said...

Great tips! I particularly liked the one about using children's tshirts for makeshift throw pillows. I've lots of shirts and other sweaters; it might be a good idea to put them to good use instead of just taking up space in our closet.

Regarding keys, it might be a good idea to use keyholders where you can write labels on them. This is what we do with our keys (a separate keyholder for each one) in order to not confuse them later on.

Thanks for dropping by my site, Rowena! Care to exchange links? :D

rowena said...

Hi Kathy, I'm also starting to make the throw pillows using my kids' old shirts. I agree with the keyholders, parang name tag. We can print or write the labels on it. I would love to exchange links with you. In fact, you're in my lists of sites I visit. My friends are also reading you guys now. Btw, how's your China trip?

raqgold said...

hi, good to know these things! btw - you're tagged!

rowena said...

Hi Raqgold, thanks for the visit. I'll be on your site in awhile.