Wednesday, July 18

My Journal - Another Busy Week

My Friday, Pio and I accompanied some friends from Canada (TFC subscribers) to watch Wowowee. Former classmate is a writer for the show. We were scheduled to be at the studio at 10:00 a.m.. We stayed at the nearby Starbucks before the show. But kids 4 yrs. old and below are not allowed in the studio. Our friends just proceeded to watch while Pio and I just visited his Ninang Joan at DZMM (who's also a newswriter). Besides, hubby doesn't want me seen on tv. Nakakahiya daw. Pio wanted to see and meet Ted Failon, Korina Sanchez and the child Jocjoc. My son is always watching dzmm's tele-radyo with his Papa. Ted has left the building and Korina's in the States for a two-week vacation with my former boss (Sen. Mar Roxas). We just chanced upon Jocjoc (not his real name). I took pictures of Pio and the kid.

Last Saturday, kids, hubby and I attended a birthday party for my classmate Jane's 2 year-old son Diego in their Alabang home. We travelled from Quezon City to the South. We got stuck in traffic in Balara area, then in Katipunan. Another traffic in the Alabang area going to ATC. My left foot is already swollen (I was limping actually). But I can't cancel going to the party. My kids have prepared for it. Besides, I don't want to tell my friend Jane that we're not coming as I have confirmed our attendance days ago before the party. I know how it feels when invited people (esp. those who confirmed) don't show up to my kids' parties before. And Jane's family is going back to Japan before the month ends. Her hubby is working as Unilever Brand Manager for the Asia Pacific. The party is ok, kids had fun. We ate and run for my hubby has another appointment to attend to. By Sunday, we all rested at home (helper's on a day-off), just ordered food for our lunch and dinner and have them delivered.
My kids are doing ok in school but the projects are coming one after another. So that means I'm gonna be busy with so much school projects. I do the research works because they don't have the time to do so. Nicole goes to school at 7:00 a.m. and arrives home at 4:00 p.m.. She's so tired that she easily dozed of to sleep. When she wakes up, it's already dinner time and she has to rush to do her homeworks and studies for exams. Gabbie goes to school at 12:00 noon and goes home at 7:00 p.m..By the time, she gets home, she's so cranky already. Have to talk to her, ask her how's school, offer snacks or we all have an early dinner. I have to control my emotions everytime she'll throw tantrums around. She had convulsion when she was only one year old. The neurologist had her confined for a week with daily injections of phenobarbital. Our pedia-neurologist told us not to use this med for it has bad side effects. Instead, she gave valium tablet (to avoid future seizures). I did stop using pheno and never used the valium and I thank God I don't have to use those meds. Results of EEG are normal. Some friends are now telling me she might have a chemical imbalance, one of the symptoms is the daily mood swings (plus she walks on her toes). Anyway, that explains why we treat Gabbie differently. Mom said we're playing favorites, (I remember one blogger was accused of the same by her hubby) and I explained to her why. Anyway, I still teach Pio his daily lessons. Good thing we can accomplish a week's lesson in just one sitting (just like Teacher Julie and son Julian). I told my former college classmate Marowe (Bo's wife) that Pio and I are really enjoying our time. But I admit there were times also that homeschooling will put some stress with the mother (or whoever is the tutor) especially when the child doesn't want to study or if he's thinking of watching cartoons or playing in the computer. In my case, if Pio is not in the mood yet to study, I let him play while I blog. He he he. I still do some errands and has a helper already. I have time to bloghop and watch tele-novela (am also baduy, as hubby jokingly decribes me). Have to enjoy few days more before I get down to real work. I'm being offered to head a division at the Business Permit and License Office of one city government here in MM. I'll probably hire a tutor for Pio or bring him to my sister while I work. Hubby is also busy with his security business (he supplies, trains security escorts for vip's, politicians, ceo's). Our helper, Flor will take care of Nicole and Gabbie for the meantime while I look for another help. Of course, I will still do all mommy responsibilities. I just wish I'll enjoy my new job and still have so much time for my family.


julie said...

Do you ever get to rest? :)

rowena said...

hi julie, i do rest when i blog. he he. gotta go for the CFA activity. will text you about it.