Monday, July 9

My Journal

I'm feeling lazy. I don't want to get up early. But I have to prepare breakfast for my kids. Good thing, a new helper arrived. Actually, she's a former helper who came back to work again for me. I was so tired the past few days mostly because of too much household chores. Yesterday, I drove hubby to the airport. He flew to the province to do some business. Then, my kids and I went malling at the Mall of Asia (MOA). I was wearing my 3 inch high-heeled sandals. By midnight at home, I've found a small wound on one of my toes. Nicole accidentally step on it while we're attending mass. Whew, it pains so much. I can't sleep either. Hubby is not home pa, and I missed him already. I have no one to whine with. I have a very low tolerance to pain, that's why. Whenever I have migraine, I always think I'm gonna die.

I missed work also. I wanted to work. I missed talking to people (the constituents), following up papers in other government agencies, and actually helping our fellow Pinoys. When I was still working as ES, I get some perks. I received so many gifts on Christmas, got a lot of invites for product launching, concerts, benefit fashion shows, stage plays, movie premiers. I attended parties/cocktails/ribbon-cuttings if my boss can't make it. Plus, the fruits (lots of mangoes, rambutan, bananas, lanzones, etc.) and veggies (lettuce, carrots, potatoes from Baguio) which local leaders brought in our office whenever they're in Manila. Going back, I'm scheduled to do consultancy work again but I can't totally leave my kids with only one helper around. And I'm also home schooling my only son. No choice but to do multi-tasking again. Way back in college, I was attending marketing 1 and marketing 2 at the same exact time on different class, different rooms. I was shuttling from one room to another every 15 minutes. Whew, I don't know how I did it. Then in 1998, I was working for 3 different companies (one as Account Executive and the two as Consultants). I would go to the three offices everyday, spending 3 hours of work (mostly paperworks) plus another two hours of field work. Oh boy, I have no time for my baby back then. My mother was the one taking care of her (my first born). Hubby and I would only watch movies to unwind.

Anyway, I'm excited to work again. Hope I'll find one more helper to ease household chores. Of course, I will still teach Pio his lessons before I go to work. And fix our home. all the mommy works.