Thursday, April 30

Potter's Ridge Tagaytay Visit

Sometime last year (after Christmas), we visited Tagaytay again. Since Tagaytay is the nearest out-of town gate away (took us 2 hours to get there), this is the fave destination of my kids. And for the first time, we tried Potter's Ridge, a newly-built hotel located at km.67, Aguinaldo Highway. There, we met the very gracious owner Marissa Potter. She gave us a generous discount for our rooms and even joined us for dinner, chatted how she spends her retirement benefits building the hotel and the story behind each painting or decors around the place. All the staff are efficient and friendly too. I was informed that the hotel is being maintained by 19 staff. How's that for multi-tasking, he he...

By the way, they also grow their own veggies here, talking about eating organic food...

This is such a cozy place. My kids enjoyed our stay here during the freezing month of December...

the dining area with the view of the lake

my son having tapcilog and hot chocolate for breakfast...

family room

deluxe room

for inquiries, visit

Red Ribbon Sugar-Free Cakes...

No birthday celebration is complete without a cake in our home. And not just an ordinary one but a Red Ribbon cake. Recently, Red Ribbon launched its newest addition of must-try products, to the delight of my weight-conscious friends or in my case, a diabetic member in the family...

Layers of chocolate cake covered with luscious Belgian chocolate icing and lavishly topped with chocolate powder, chocolate swirls and almond slivers. No sugar added chocolate cake.

Light and heavenly chiffon cake with luscious mango bits in cream cheese layers topped with mango slices. No sugar added Mango Passion.

For delivery, call 8-7777...

Monday, April 20

Historia De Un Amor

This is a very timely song...a story of great love.

Ya no estás más a mi lado, corazón.
En el alma sólo tengo soledad.
Y si ya no puedo verte,
¿Por qué Dios me hizo quererte?
¿Para hacerme sufrir más?
Siempre fuiste la razón de mi existir.
Adorarte para mi fue religión.
Y en tus besos yo encontraba
El calor que me brindaba
El amor y la pasión.
Es la historia de un amor,
Como no hay otro igual.
Que me hizo comprender
Todo el bien, todo el mal.
Que le dio luz a mi vida,
Apagándola después.
¡Ay que vida tan oscura!,
¡Sin tu amor no viviré!
Es la historia de un amor.
You're no longer by my side, my love
And in my soul I have only loneliness
If I can no longer see you
Why did God make me love you?
To make me suffer more?
You were the reason for my existence.
Adoring you, for me, was religion.
In your kisses I've found
The warmth that gave me
The love and the passion.
That's the story of a love.
Which has no equal
That made me understand
All the good, all the bad
That gave light to my life
Then turned it off.
Oh what a dark life!
Without your love I will not live!
That's the story of a love.

* Historia de un Amor (Spanish for "a love story") is a song about a man's old love written by Panamanian songwriter Carlos Eleta Almaran. It was written after the death of his brother's wife. It is also in the soundtrack of a 1956 Mexican movie of the same name. The song tells of a man's suffering after his love has disappeared. (info from wikipedia)

Tuesday, April 14

Mommy Bloggers' Get-Together at Burgoo...

After weeks of staying at home, I finally attended a bloggers' event. This time it's mainly a get-together. A good friend, Racquel arrived from Germany. We met and dined again in Burgoo at the Podium. And for the first time, I've met Salen and Aileen. As usual we had endless chats while enjoying the food. Plus the non-stop picture-taking. A Burgoo crew instantly became our official photographer using nine different cameras...and I tell you, it's not even tiring to smile.

Thanks Racquel, we really had a great time.

mommy-bloggers' get-together (pic from Rachel)

mommy-bloggers havin' fun... (Salen, Rachel, moi, Chats, Jane, Dine, Myrna, Julie, Noemi, Aileen and Racquel)

Saturday, April 4

My 39th Birthday...

Last March 18, I turned 39. As I was about to check on my kids, I was surprised to see these...

the banner (in their messy room, ha ha)

the cards, gifts and my kids' names on the heart shaped paper

the birthday poster

pop-up card made by Nicole

personalized birthday card

a note from Bea

a shampoo and bath soap from Gabbie

Nicole's gift

They really made me so happy. I didn't know they were up to something when I tucked them to bed and kissed them good night. Two days after my special day, they gave me another gift, a notice from school that my kids are awardees for Academic Excellence and would be receiving medals on Recognition Day. I couldn't ask for anything more...Thank you Lord.