Tuesday, November 27

Busy As A Bee

I had a very busy weekend.

Last Friday, November 23, me and my kids (Pio and Bea) attended Bo Sanchez's KERYGMA Conference at the ULTRA. My mom, sisters, aunts and grandfather were also there. It was a blessed night indeed. Fr. Gerry Orbos celebrated the Holy Mass. Then, Nolyn Cabahug and Dulce both sung an inspirational song. After them, there's a Praise and Worship led by a former teen idol, Adrian Panganiban (that's how he was described in our programme booklet) backed up by a group of teen dancers. In the community, we call them, dance ministry members. After a long, long time of absence in the Catholic Charismatic community, I felt so alive again and refreshed after the 1st day of the conference. Of course, the last part is a talk by Bro. Bo Sanchez, a very very articulate and passionate preacher. He heads the community where me and my family belong, the Light of Jesus Community. He is also behind the Catholic Filipino Academy, the homeschool provider of my only son and the publisher of various Catholic magazines (Kerygma, Mustard, Didache) and inspirational books (which are as always one of National Bookstores' best sellers). I really admire the guy, married to my college classmate.
Anyway, we went home very happy, feeling so blessed and inspired.

Saturday came, I went to my kids' school to get their report card. I was expecting something wonderful, true enough, my two girls' grades are all ok. They're in the top 5 of their class (30 students in each class). Am really so happy.

In the afternoon, at around 3:00 p.m. we left our place to go to Cainta to attend the 1st birthday celebration of the daughter of hubby's distant cousin who lives in Brookside Hills. Hubby knows it's near Golf Valley (Antipolo). He didn't realized there is another Golf Valley very near Sta. Lucia (Cainta area). So we found ourselves cruising Antipolo and stopped at the Spaghetti Home. After so many calls from hubby's cousin, we went back to Marcos Highway where there's a monster traffic ahead. We finally reached our destination at 9:00 p.m.. Imagine, we were stuck in our vehicle for about 6 hours. We ate as soon as we step inside the very elegant home of the birthday celebrant. My kids enjoyed the choco cupcakes and brownies plus lots of Hershey's chocolates on the tray (on the center table). Then hubby just watched the band playing for older guests. The program for the kids was over, my kids just stayed at the tv room. There, I rested and watched the Disney Channel show. A charming, old lady sat beside me on the couch. We started chatting. She is the grandmother of the celebrant (no relation to us). I was so engrossed with her stories on the Japanese occupation, I didn't notice we were talking for two hours already. Will post her story next time, as soon as I get her permission.

Come Sunday, I did all the house chores and attended mass with my kids. My Gabbie has a mass booklet where the priest can sign (as proof of her attendance in church). My kids are studying in a Catholic school. I find nothing wrong with it (the mass booklet), really wanted my kids to grow up morally upright and practicing all the teachings of the Catholic church.

Yesterday, Monday, after doing some paper works at the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), came across with a toddler (about 1 1/2 yr old) walking hazily in our street, I don't know if I will stop or drive because when I stop, she stops walking. Then, when I go on driving, she walks on my path. This is a busy road since our place is the way to the ecopark. Buses come and go. I decided to get the kid. No one else is around. She seemed lost. The toddler cried so loud and wiggled. She won't keep still. I carried her. I asked our neighbors who started to come out of their homes, if they know the child. No, they don't know her. I called the homeowner's roving patrol to check around for the kid's mother. After 15 minutes, the mother arrived. She's fuming mad, cursing the poor child, got hold of the kid and slapped her. The kid just embraced her and stopped crying. Then the mother just left. Without saying a word to me. I could have said you're welcome, instead, I kept quiet. I could have blamed her for not taking good care of her small innocent child. I just bit my lip. They live as informal settlers within our village and members of the small Muslim community here. I wonder how many mothers are as careless and as cruel as that one. My heart really bleeds for the kid. If I can only get the child and adopt her, I would. What would you do if you were in my place?


Gina said...

My blood is boiling reading about what that mother did to her innocent child. Because of her carelessness, her child's life was imperiled , and she had the nerve to slap her. And didn't have the courtesy of at least thanking you. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
God bless you Rowena for your act of kindness.

rowena said...

Hi Gina, felt the same way. I really wanted to say something but when I saw her, am sure she won't listen or take it calmly.

KK aka Tina said...

Hi Rowena,

Great to hear that your girls are in the top 5 :) ! Saan ang blow-out ;) .

The mother was quite something else huh? Walang modo, wala pang awa for slapping the toddler. My godness, if she did that infront of you, what else can she be doing in the privacy of her own home? Kung dito yan, you have the right to report her to the police for child abuse.

ladycess said...

im not really surprised with how that mother handled things. kung tutuusin, maraming katulad niya :( hay....

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Wenchie.

Thanks for sharing highlights of your weekend. Traffic seems twice as terrible these days, maybe due to the Christmas season.

Congratulations to your girls for doing a great job in school!

Oh my, I feel sorry for the child. I admire your act of kindness. I hope the mother will realize how lucky they are that no harm came to the child.

ann k said...

hi rowena! congrats with your kids' high grades! you must be really so proud.

with respect to that mother, i had to read it twice to make sure that you said she slapped her child. my goodness! my son is of the same age and i wouldn't do that. he's just a baby for Christ's sake. it's her fault that she's not even taking care of her own child. ay grabe! kumukulo dugo ko. and she didn't even say thank you for what you did. ay grrrrr!

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

wow top 5! that's great!

it sucks big time knowing that there are irresponsible mothers out there.

btw, meron ako tag sayo ~dito~