Friday, November 9

More Awards

When I arrived from our family's short vacation in Cagayan and Ilocos, I am so excited to open up my computer, read mails and see my blog and bloghop as well. I haven't been able to surf for 5 days because there's no internet access in the resort where we stayed in. Much to my delight, awards are waiting for me. I am so thankful to my dear friend Rachel - Heart of Rachel and My Soulful Thoughts for giving me the First Class Friendship Award.

And Rachel stated,

Rowena ~ "Thank you for your regular visits and all the kind comments on my blog. I appreciate when you send me text messages to wish me a good day ahead or to tell me of a great update . I think of you as a dear friend and hope before the year ends, we can make time to meet one another in person. I know you're on your way home from Tuguegarao and you have missed blogging for several days now. Have a safe trip home and see you on-line later."

And then another Halloween treat from Francine (La Place De Cherie) and two awards again from the lovely lady in France.

Thanks so much Rach, I hope we can finally meet soon. I am so thankful I've discovered the blogging world and gain so much friends. My life becomes more colorful with friends like you.

To you Francine, Merci Beaucoup. And best wishes again. Hope to see you in Manila soon. Prends garde!

I would be posting soon the blogs and blogger-friends whom I want to share these awards with. In the meantime, to spread some cheer, I'm sharing the Creative Site Award to all the blogs in my blogroll. Cheers!


exskindiver said...

congratulations, rowena.
glad you had fun in your vacation in cagayan.
welcome home.

Weng said...

tukayo, congratulations! :D have a great weekend!

rowena said...

Thanks Chesca. My kids really enjoyed this vacation.

Hi Weng, thanks. Have a blessed weekend.

Heart of Rachel said...

You're very welcome Wenchie. I'm grateful for meeting you on the blogosphere and hoping to meet you before the year ends. Take care!