Tuesday, November 20

Kids' Partying

Last Sunday, we (kids and I, without a nanny in tow) attended two children's parties. One is a ball for my friend's daughter, Julienne, who turned 7 years old. It was held at the Penthouse of Tektite Towers in Pasig City. Gabbie and Bea wore their gowns because the invite states there's a prize for Best Costume, though we didn't know who won because we have to leave for another party. The kids happily joined the games and partook the very sumptuous banquet prepared by their caterers. Pio won prizes too when he volunteered twice when the magician asked for one. I am amazed how my boy (who is homeschooling) has totally overcome his shyness in gatherings like this where there's quite an audience. I think the giveaways have something to do with it, ha ha. Last stop is another birthday party at Shakey's Katipunan for the 1st birthday celebration of Tracy, lovely daughter of another college friend. Since we are all so full, we were given take out foods (pizza, chicken and spaghetti) and of course the lootbags. My kids had a really great time partying. Take a look at some pics.

the skyscrapers

the ortigas complex

another view from the top

the birthday celebrant

Nicole enjoying the sorbetes

more magic tricks

Gabbie wearing her gown

the magician doing some tricks with Pio as a volunteer

cotton candies

pio's paint

Bea posing for the camera

kids joining the boat is sinking game

my college friend Au with Pio at Shakey's Katipunan

the take-out food from Shakeys


exskindiver said...

naglaway ako at the mere mention of shakey's pizza.
it is always on my "must eat" list when i am home.
love the garlic and cheese.

Heart of Rachel said...

Looks like a fun-filled birthday party. I'm glad the kids had a wonderful time. It's nice to know that Pio has overcome his shyness in gatherings. I also feel the same about my son Yohan. I noticed how my son shows more signs of being comfortable in parties. Yohan loves magic shows too. Thanks for sharing these great photos.

rowena said...

Hi Chesca, yeah I also love Shakey's esp. the mojos...

Hi Rach, my kids really had a great time. Kakatuwa silang tignan noh while they're enjoying the party. Am sure Yohan is also excited attending one.

ladycess said...

wow, gimik galore. siguro ikaw, pagod na pagod ka, pero yung mga kids mo, bitin pa :D

Belle said...

your children are beautiful rowena. gabbi is so cute in her pretty gown and pio seemed like he had a blast.

rowena said...

Hi Cess, corek ka dyan, bitin daw sila, to think we've been to 2 parties already.

Hi Belle, thanks so much. They all had a blast...

Annamanila said...

100th post! Ayayay, I thought you were newbier than I am!

Bravo for making it this far. Keep on blogging, Wench. You're a fresh whiff of wind in the blogging world.

rowena said...

Hi Myrna, thanks so much. You're my buddy di ba, got really inspired by reading your blog. Don't worry, will stay blogging pa rin...Am really enjoying the blogosphere. Cheers!