Monday, December 3

My 100th Post

For my 100th post, just want to post things I've been wanting to blog about but found no time to do so the last few weeks, been busy with my new business venture and a guest who arrived from abroad. I only found the time to make a new post now. Here it goes....


1. I am a Piscean, born on March 18.

2. I have 3 sisters, no brother.

3. I grew up as a devout Catholic, studied in a Catholic school.

4. As early as 6 years old, I was already joining campaign sorties and rallies.

5. My favorite color is green and black.

6. Watermelon is my fave fruit.

7. I had a dog named Rambo and cat named Mings but they both got lost when we transferred to a new home.

8. Now we’re taking care of gold fish, dogs, cats and ducks.

9. I have wavy hair and have them straightened once a year.

10. I love Krispy Kreme donuts

11. I enjoy going to the spa and facial treatments.

12. I used to buy my clothes at Tokyo Fashion boutique, Woman, Landmark dept. store, Rustan’s and SM. Now I buy at bazaars or tiangge.

13. I enjoy eating at fine-dining restaurants and the carinderia as well.

14. I took up Communication Arts in college at the University of Santo Tomas.

15. I had my college practicum (tv production) at ABS-CBN.

16. There I have met my fave actress, the megastar.

17. Have encountered so many famous people in show business.

18. Grew up with lots of politicians visiting at home.

19. I enjoy staying at the Oakwood Premier Hotel but can also sleep at small apartelle or inn.

20. I take vitamin E, vitamin C and iron.

21. I had four caesarian operations.

22. I hate liars and social climbers.

23. Worked with 8 Senators and 2 Congressmen as Consultant

24. Served as Executive Secretary to a Senate President

25. Worked as Consultant to a City Mayor

26. I have very low tolerance to pain.

27. I cry when I have my facial treatments due to some pains in extracting white heads on my nose.

28. I have fear of heights.

29. I can drive real fast when alone in the car.

30. Love Danielle Steele novels when I was in college.

31. Read Sweet Dreams and Sweet Valley High during high school.

32. Enjoyed Nancy Drew in grade school.

33. I was a Girl Scout in grade school.

34. I hate CAT trainings in high school.

35. Loves to write essays

36. Have written a dozen stories for tv or movie

37. Joined theater groups in high school

38. I can’t swim.

39. Dream of traveling to Europe and Australia

40. I was bitchy when I was younger.

41. I hate to wait.

42. I can be a generous tipper when the service’s real good.

43. I’ve watched 3 movies a week during my college days.

44. Enjoyed playing baccarat in the casino before.

45. Flunked Statistics in college, ha ha ha

46. Had chickenpox when I was in college, that explains no. 45

47. I got into the Literature major because of no.45….

48. Pleaded with the University’s Rector so I can transfer to Communication Arts on the 2nd semester. He agreed.

49. Took up Marketing 1 and Marketing 2 at the same time, going to each class every 20 minutes…so as to finish college on time.

50. Enjoyed taking Spanish classes….

51. Would like to learn more the Spanish language…

52. When I was young, wanted to be a flight stewardess so I can travel for free, he he…

53. I was trained to be a newscaster at RPN 9 but when the chief assigned me to go to police stations and hospitals at night time, I didn’t go back to the training. Still dream of being one…

54. Wanted to have my own radio program…discussing current issues and parenthood….

55. Dream of going into politics…he he he

56. Waiting for the right time to take the bar…

57. Would like to open up a bakeshop, boutique and a spa-salon

58. Love the beach, would like to have a house near it…

59. Addicted to blogging and blog hopping

60. Loves my kids to the max….

61. I eat veggies, loves carrots, tomatoes, okra, squash…

62. I like to watch the sunset at the Manila Bay…

63. I like to take short trips to Tagaytay and Subic

64. I can easily make friends.

65. I love to shop and buy groceries.

66. I used to go to Baclaran on Wednesdays, St. Jude on Thursdays and Quiapo on Fridays when I was still single.

67. Attended Life in the Spirit Seminars (LSS) at the Loved Flock, Lord’s Flock, Spirit of Love and Emmanuel Catholic Communities…

68. I have so many clergy-friends…

69. Was active with the Legion of Mary in college…

70. I married a PMAer.

71. I had an uncle who was a general and a BIL who is also a general.

72. I grew up with lawyers, politicians and military men around.

73. I deposited my very first savings at Banco Filipino.

74. My grandmother also encouraged me to save and opened an account for me at Banco de Oro when I was younger.

75. I have Sanrio stationeries collection and have kept them since 1978. Now, I gave it all to my kids.

76. I’m a fan of Duran Duran, Wham, Madonna, Spandau Ballet and Tears for Fears before.

77. I love Frank Sinatra.

78. also likes to listen to Barry Manilow, Celine Dion, Toni Braxton

79. loves instant pancit canton

80. drinks Magnolia chocolait… (now, it’s Nestle)

81. I am not a jealous type.

82. feels so happy for other people’s achievements…

83. cries easily when watching Love Story (Ryan O’Neal movie)…

84. scared of cockroaches, earthquakes, fires….

85. fears of crossing busy streets/roads….

86. loves to wear sexy night gowns…

87. can eat like a pig…

88. loves kare-kare, bulalo and chicken adobo

89. don’t like the smell of quezo de bola

90. loves coffee crumble selecta ice cream

91. likes to eat suman with mangoes

92. looks forward to puto bumbong and bibingka after dawn masses

93. dream of having my own house (stay at hubby’s family home)

94. would like to see my country free from poverty and corruption

95. I always pray for my family and friends, departed relatives, and people I don’t know like the ofw’s, street kids, the sick, students, country and our leaders…

96. I go to confession every month when I was in high school. Now, I do it once a year.

97. I used to attend mass everyday (younger days) with my Mom and got real scared when the staff started closing the doors while my Mom’s still praying….

98. I’ve mentioned before that my Mom met my Dad in Congress while I also met my hubby at the Senate…

99. I would like to grow old (and still healthy) and see my grandchildren.

100. I would love to gain more true friends…


i like my hair to look like this...

i love to live near the beach

my fave coffee bun, Roti Mum's

my fave jap foods, beef gyudon and shrimp tempura (pic taken at Yoshinoya)

my only son posing with toy cars at Toy Kingdom

niagara falls view from the top (taken in our Marriott hotel room)

kids at work


my kids messy room

our messy ducks

Something Red- this is too late for the Photo Hunt but am posting just the same... red gifts under a very huge Christmas tree with red trimmings taken last year at the Mall of Asia

Lots of thanks and hugs to Julie, Cookie and Rachel....

My blogger-friend Julie gave this award, and lovingly stated, "Wenchie, for the inspiring emails and the thoughtfulness of sending these emails to me."

My fellow home schooler mom, Julie of Teacher Julie shared to me this award and said, "Wenchie thank you for the friendship, for your honesty in your posts and for your unwavering support."

Julie of Teacher Julie gave me back this award and kindly stated "Wenchie- She was one of those who visited and emailed me when I started my domain last October. Little did we know that her husband’s nephews were my former students, three of them to be exact. We became co-parents at the Catholic Filipino Academy, the homeschool services provider for our only sons, her Pio and my Julian.

Cookie of Scrooch Chronicles gave this award, my second...

Rachel of My Soulful Thoughts and Heart of Rachel shared me these two awards and remarked, "Rowena- A real gem of a friend that I have yet to meet in person. Her daily visits is something I always look forward to."


Last Friday, I went out with hubby and some friends. After dinner at Pier 1, we proceeded to Ratsky Morato and watched some bands play. It's been some time since the last time I went out to a bar and had some fun....

True Faith Band soloist

True Faith Band

Brainchild Band

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julie said...

Congratulations with the 100th post!

I got sort of tired with what you were doing the past few days. Ingat lang, don't overdo yourself too much.

Have a great week, Wenchie!

Noemi said...

congrats for reaching 100 posts. I didn't join the Messy Fam pics as I couldn't find any.

ScroochChronicles said...

wow!! you have ducks at home. galing :)

congrats on all your awards :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Happy 100th Post Wenchie! Thanks for sharing all these great photos.

I would love to have a home near the beach too.

The kids are great helping out with the chores. That's what I call valuable teaching.

Looks like the kids have a large play room. Wish I had a big space too for Yohan.

How cool that you have ducks at home.

I love your photo with the giant Christmas tree.

As for the award, you're very welcome. Congrats on your other well deserved awards.

rowena said...

Thanks Julie for all the awards. Sorry I've just posted about it now. Re the busy schedule, I'm just rushing all the other paper works before the shop opens. Thanks for the concern. I hope to see you at the shop soon.

Hi Noemi, I bet you're so organized at home, no messy things around huh. With my four kids, every place in the house is such a mess, he he...

Hi Cookie, yes, we're taking care of ducks aside from the cats, dogs, fish and fighting cocks around. Para kaming me pet store. Minsan me naliligaw pang snake, he he...

Hi dear Rachel, everytime you would give me an award, felt so honored. Coming from you, that's quite something. I'm really so thankful I found you in the blogosphere. I know it's rare to find real friends nowadays, am so blessed I've met you here. I'm looking forward to meeting you in person soon. Btw, I would love to see Yohan play with my kids real soon.

Heart of Rachel said...

That would be nice Wenchie.

Thanks for doing the tag. I appreciate it.

Gina said...

Congrats on your milestone post!

And for the many different awards. I'm sure you deserve them all!

It's nice to know more about you Rowena. Funny, I identify with some of the things there like Sanrio stationeries (and stickers too),Nancy Drew,Catholic school,etc. In my prayers, I always include besides family and friends, people I don't know- the marginalized,victims of war, poverty,children,etc.

Too bad, Krispy Kreme didn't do too well here in Ontario where Tim Hortons reign supreme (the coffee/donut shop)- we loved Krispy Kreme and we had to drive about an hour to be in the nearest KK before,ngayon it closed up.

So are you sporting the same hairstyle/length now? I'm sure,babagay sa iyo.

I like your PhotoHunt- Red picture!

Here's to more years of blogging!

lady cess said...

100th post, wow. and a lot of awards too - well-deserved :)

san ang roti mum's?

rowena said...

Thanks so much Gina. You're one of my regular readers kaya I feel guilty when I wasn't able to check you out. We have the same Sanrio collection pala when we were younger, ha ha. I still have the shoulder-length hairstyle less the color. Baka ma-shock si hubby, he he.

Hi Cess, thanks also for being my friend. Really got inspired to set up my own blog when I read you guys (Rachel, Julie, Salen, Chats, Connie and Myrna) last summer. Am so thankful I have discovered the blogosphere. Btw, Roti Mum's has a store at SM Mega beside Powerbooks.

Belle said...

rowena, thanks for sharing more about you - the good and the not so bad...hehe. i love your straight hair, by the way. it looks good on you.

Gypsy said...

Belated Congrats sa 100th post mo! I didn't know getting chicken pox can be so life changing..heheh. Will work on the tag as soon as I get two other tags worked out..thanks!! said...

Happy 100th post Rowena :) ! May utang pa akong tag.

So what position are you going to run for office? ;)

rowena said...

Thanks so much Belle. Hope you'll have a merry holidays.

Hi Gypsy, thanks. Yeah that chicken pox almost got me into the major that I didn't want to take. Good thing, naka diskarte kagad ako, he he.

Hi Tina, thanks. Am not sure yet, 2010 is far pa...