Thursday, November 15

Something Stupid

Click, watch and listen to one of my fave songs and of course by my fave singer, the legendary - Frank Sinatra.


ladycess said...

frank sinatra is one of my faves. oldies in general, paborito ko. pati yung mga christmas songs na oldies. lately i unearthed my husband's stylistics original cd, kaya ito ang madalas na music ngayon sa bahay :)

tumatanda na raw ako sabi ng mama ko. hindi ko naman dating hilig ito nung dalaga pa ako. i began to appreciate oldies siguro mga last year lang :)

rowena said...

Hi Cess, on the contrary, when hubby saw you he told me you're young pa daw. He said mukha ka daw newly grad, he he. Know what, when I was in college my bestfriend Joyce and I would bring mini cassette player and listen to Frank Sinatra and Matt Monro during vacant periods. O di ba iba talaga trip ko before pa, ha ha.

Gina said...

Frankie is also mine & Tony's favorite singer. ol'blue eyes.

Didn't know that he sang this song though =)

I just knew of the Robby Williams (?) & Nicole Kidman version.

Is that beautiful lady the late Grace Kelly?What a sight to behold.

rowena said...

Hi Gina, same pala fave singer natin, we have the same taste in music. Yeah that's the elegant Grace Kelly.

ScroochChronicles said...

sinatra is one of my favorite singers. along with tony benett, matt monro, and johnny mathis. is started liking this kind of music because my dad would play it all the time when we were kids. when i was in college my friends thought it weird that i had tapes of the classics in my car. at memorize ko pa ang lyrics. my fave song is "fly me to the moon" and "i've got you under my skin" :)

rowena said...

Hi Cookie, I love Fly Me to the Moon also and Strangers in the Night. Am sure, like Cess, we were influenced by our parents' fondness for this kind of music. Btw, kelan spa party natin? Ayusin na kagad sister...Kahit yung sa Commonwealth, ok na dun.