Thursday, November 8


I was tagged by Belle (simplybelle)to answer the following questions with just one word. Here are my answers.

• Where is your cellphone? dresser

• Relationship? passionate

• Your hair? short

• Work? sahm

• Your sister? three

• Your favorite thing? shopping

• Your dream last night? issues

• Your favorite drink? tea

• Your dream car? mercedes

• The room you’re in? bedroom

• Your shoes? sandals

• Your fears? heights

• What do you want to be in 10 years? entrepreneur

• Who did you hang out with this weekend? hubby

• What are you not good at? budgeting

• Muffin? chocolate

• One of your wish list items? laptop

• Where did you grow up? Manila

• Last thing you did? bloghop

• What are you wearing? house-dress

• What aren’t you wearing? jewelries

• Your pet? goldfish

• Your computer? busy

• Your life? fabulous

• Your mood? cheerful

• Missing? Tagaytay

• What are you thinking about right now? business

• Your car? 4runner

• Your kitchen? organized

• Your summer? colorful

• Your favorite color? green

• Last time you laughed? yesterday

• Last time you cried? Monday

• School? Stepping-stone

• Love? Cloud-9

I am not tagging anyone, feel free to do it and have some fun....


Belle said...

thanks rowena for doing the meme. i surely appreciate it. hope and pray that you become successful with your business someday.

rowena said...

Hi Belle, thanks a lot. I'm in the process of getting a business name registration and mayor's permit. We are opening up a laundry shop here in our place (competing with 3 others in the neighborhood). Thanks for the good wishes. Take care always Belle.