Tuesday, November 6

Our Cagayan/ Ilocos Trip

nicole by the waterfalls

the cottage near the falls

the Portabaga waterfalls, Sta.Praxedes, Cagayan

cascading waterfalls

kids with the view of the windmills

windmills in bangui, ilocos norte

kids playing at the pagudpud white sand-beach

typical cottage near the beach, pagudpud

kids playing

my nephews

the pagudpud beach

the view on the way to Ilocos Norte

the big catch, Taggat lagoon, Claveria, Cagayan

the newly arrived boat at the Taggat lagoon

Nicole still at Taggat lagoon, waiting for fishermen

nipa hut (bahay kubo), Claveria

Minanga Beach, Claveria, Cagayan

hanging bridge, Magapit, Lallo, Cagayan

FIL's tomb

visit at the cemetery, Tuguegarao, Cagayan


ann k said...

hi rowena! you seemed to have a blast. ang ganda! parang feeling ko wala ako sa pilipinas when i saw your pictures. :)

rowena said...

Hi Ann, same here. I didn't know me windmills na pala dito saten til I saw them in Ilocos.

Heart of Rachel said...

Great photos Wenchie! Glad everyone had a nice time. Di pa ako nakakapunta ng pagudpod pero ang ganda daw sabi ng BIL ko.

I'm off to bed. Balik na naman ako sa pagising ng maaga. Good night!

ipanema said...

I've just heard about Pagudpud. Thanks for sharing these. It's beautiful!

Been to Cagayan. I love the plains there. I like the old church with life size station of the cross! It is a good place to reflect. Am not sure nowadays. There's a beautiful town, Iguig. I am not so sure which parts they belong. I know it's still in Cagayan. There was a church where we hear mass where Our Lady of Iguig is housed. This was more than 20 years ago. :)

Vee said...

Thanks for popping by my blog.

Great photos ! And of course great title ;)

rowena said...

Hi Ipanema, yes Iguig town is still beautiful. Maybe you were referring to the Our Lady of Piat (where the altar is facing the river), we always take time to visit the church when we're there. My BIL who is a priest once served in that parish.

rowena said...

Hi Vee, thanks for the visit. Hope you're havin' a great week.

ScroochChronicles said...

ang ganda naman dyan!! how long was the trip, in driving hours i mean. i've always wanted to visit ilocos. but cagayan looks promising. the beach pics are fantastic. gusto ko biglang magplano!!

rowena said...

Hi Cookie, this is my 2nd time in Pagudpud, ang ganda talaga mas ok kesa Bora, if you want less people, check it out. The trip will take you around 12-14 hours from Manila. The Claveria town naman in Cagayan is my 1st time. Now ko lang nalaman ganda rin pala ng place kasi before we just stay in Tuguegarao (hubby's hometown). Go there sa summer para there's lots of crabs & lobsters to feast with.

rowena said...

Hi Rach, ganda talaga ng place. Hope you can visit it also with your family.

Chateau said...

Great photos, Wench! Ang sarap ng sembreak nyo, sulit na sulit!

Pagudpud is one of my dream destinations. I love that windmills place. Sana this summer makapunta na kami finally.

ladycess said...

parang ang sarap-sarap maligo dun sa ilog ba yan, o batis? no matter, kakainggit.

yang windmills, nakita ko lang yan sa extra challenge :) malapitn pala sa inyo yan.

rowena said...

H Chats, I hope makapunta rin kayo in Cagayan or Ilocos next summer. We are also planning to go back by April.

Hi Cess, yung waterfalls will pass thru the pools, kaya kala mo batis. Sarap maligo pero super lamig ng water. Enjoy yan pag summer time na. Yung windmills is in Bangui, Ilocos Norte, six hour trip from Tuguegarao naman. Malayo din sa hometown ni hubby.