Sunday, June 3

"Back to School"

After I have enrolled my two girls to their new school (studied from a montesssori school before), we were given long lists of school supplies to buy aside from the books. The books we just bought in the school. Off we went to National Bookstore. To my surprise, so many people were there. I've never seen this place so crowded. You can smell all the sweats in the notebook area, where parents are sorting out which brand to buy or what's the cheapest one....This must be like in Divisoria, so I thought. I just use one basket so I can fit myself to the aisle. Bought bond papers, oslo papers, construction papers, art papers, brown envelopes, folders, fasteners, erasers, scissors, elmer's glue, tape, plastic envelopes, plasric cover, cartolina, crayons, pencils, pens, as the list goes on...When I couldn't carry the basket while am also carrying my Bea, decided to stop even when the supplies are not complete yet. Have to wait in a queue for the payment. My feet ached so much, have to kick my step in, and wait barefoot. After paying, looked for place to eat. Almost all fastfood resto are full. Have to settle at Wendys with macaroni side salad, chicken burgers and iced tea. Did I mention that my four kids are with me without a nanny (on a day off)? Oh well, I'm used to this situation. Our helpers/nannies have the habit of having their day off when I needed them.

On Monday, my kids will be back to "regular/traditional" school. My son Pio Miguel will be "home schooling" though. I've enrolled him to DECS accredited Catholic Filipino Academy, managed by Bo Sanchez. Will discuss about home schooling on my next post. Nicole will be in 5th grade. Her classes will start at 7:20 a.m. and ends at 3:30 p.m...Gabbie is now in 2nd grade (at age 6), she will be in the afternoon session (she doesn't like it). Her classes start at 12:40 noon til 6:20p.m.. That means she has to eat lunch at home while Nicole will just bring food for her lunch or she can just eat at the cafeteria. Whatever...My husband and I would just have to wake up early to prepare everything they need. Good thing, both of us are stay-at home parents (he's on call though). We would also be supervising Pio Miguel and Bea for their home schooling.

Another hectic schedule ahead...with the kids' schooling and some business to attend to. Will also be doing consultancy work again soon. My hubby is also on call (security business). I guess we just have to work double-time for the family...


julie said...

How old is your son? We are also considering homeschooling for our son, Julian. Can you please email me the details? Thanks so much. Hope to be able to see you one of these days, :)

rowena said...

Hi Julie,

Pio Miguel is 4 years old. He went to pre-school (nursery) school last year. When I brought up the subject of home schooling to my husband, he's the one who insisted that he wants it. Will be emailing you the details.

chateau said...

So we moms are all into back-to-school blues hehe.
Homeschooling sounds like a good choice you made. I hope your son does well with and (and you as well!).