Monday, June 18


This post is for my Dad.
My Dad is very loving, he spoils us to no end. He is a good provider. He is also strict, I remember he would use his belt on us, me and my sisters, everytime we would fight each other. He is also so protective of us, he would go to our school everytime my sisters encountered bullies. Even when teachers scolded us in class, he would talk to them. He is so generous, even brought a hospital bed for our school's clinic, water jugs and an aquarium (I wondered why we gave one to a music classroom...). Going to Hospicio de San Jose is a habit for him. My sister Chic celebrated her 1st birthday there with the orphaned kids. One time, he saw the kids perspiring terribly in their nursery room, he sends for an airconditioning unit there. Kulang na lang ampunin din nya mga kids dun...He is really has a soft heart for them.
He is also a down-to-earth dad. He brought me to my first adult movie (Saigon Off Limits), shopped with me (in Escolta, Good Earth Emporium, SM Carriedo, Rustan's San Marcelino, Plaza Fair), joined us in our first visit/clubbing at Faces Disco then at Euphoria. Have us experienced what it's like to play in a casino. And Dad is so involved in politics, I would remember going to rallies for Ninoy Aquino when I was young, discussing about the government, attending meetings with then First Lady Imelda Marcos (when Ninoy died) and the late Mayor Bagatsing, campaigning for his friends first entry in politics. I would see the likes of Joey Lina, Lito Atienza, Eva-Estrada Kalaw, Mel Lopez come and go in our home. Joey Lina is very young then (he would borrow our pillows when he wants to take a nap in our sofa). All his friends have won and occupied positions in government years ago.
Dad is also very religious. He would bring us to church almost everyday. I remembered going from one statue to another and wiping them with our hankies (which the church discourages people to do). When I developed migraine, we would go to Quiapo Church by midnight every Friday and pray there til the wee hours (oh, how my knees hurt then). I know he loves us so much...
To you, Daddy, Happy Father's Day. We love you.