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I'm Sending My Only Son to the Best School- Our Home

Last June 1, I have enrolled my only son Pio Miguel to the Catholic Fipino Academy (DECS accredited) home schooling program, managed by Bro. Bo Sanchez. Instead of explaining to my relatives and friends why I did so, I'm posting this article taken from Bo's blog.
Why More And More Parents Are Sending Their Kids To TheBest School In The World:Their Own Home

10 Core Principles On How You CanTeach Your Children At Your Own Home With Great Success, While At The Same Time…Protect Your Kids From Harm, Save Your Money, Save Your Time, Reduce Stress, And Strengthen Your Family Life.

By Bo Sanchez

“But aren’t you depriving him of his socialization?”Believe me, I cannot count the number of times I’ve heard this line from well meaning friends when they learn that we don’t send our son to school, but instead teach him at home. (Now, with this article, I don’t have to answer. I can just give them this and say, “Read this please. Let’s talk again after you’ve read it.”)Here are other comments we’ve heard—some with sense, others just plain funny.“Won’t he become… uh, abnormal?”“You’re overprotecting him. Let go and let God!”“He needs to learn how to fight, become tough, and experience the world.”“Di ba yung homeschool pang artista lang yan?”I smile at everyone who gives me these comments and then explain these facts:Today, there are millions of kids being homeschooled in the world.And test after test (after test after test…) show that the average homeschooler academically beats the average of all students every time, at every year level, at every subject.Why? Here’s the truth that has been hidden from you and from the world at large: Homeschooling is the best educational system in this planet. It beats the most expensive, the most exclusive private schools money can afford. Unbelievable? Read on.
I Bet You Might Know Some Of These Homeschooled “Kids” …
Just in case you think that homeschooled kids may become social misfits and social idiots, let me show you a little list of a few homeschooled “kids” in the world:
Albert Einstein (Scientist)
Leonardo da Vinci (Painter/Sculptor/Inventor)
Claude Monet (Painter)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Composer)
Douglas MacArthur (U.S. General)
George Patton (U.S. General)
Thomas Jefferson (U.S. President)
Abraham Lincoln (U.S. President)
Franklin Delano Roosevelt (U.S. President)
Theodore Roosevelt (U.S. President)
George Washington (U.S. President)
Woodrow Wilson (U.S. President)
John Wesley (Founder-Methodists)
Blaise Pascal (Scientist)
Winston Churchill (British Prime Minister)
Hans Christian Andersen (Writer)
Agatha Christie (Writer)
Charles Dickens (Writer)
Mark Twain (Writer)
Daniel Webster (Writer)
Andrew Carnegie (Industrialist)
Charles Chaplin (Actor)
Florence Nightingale (Nurse/Hero)
Sally Ride (Astronaut)
Albert Schweitzer (Physician)
Leo Tolstoy (Writer)
C.S. Lewis (Christian Apologist)
Alexander Graham Bell (Inventor of the Telephone)
Thomas Edison (Inventor of the Light Bulb)
Orville and Wilbur Wright
Joan of Arc (Saint-Martyr)
Why can homeschool produce world-class achievers? Because of the core principles imbedded in the system of teaching your own child. Here are the secrets of the best educational system in the world…
10 Core Principles That Will Dramatically Change Your Child’s Life—And Your Life As Well.
Friends, here are the ten core principles of homeschool:

Follow Your Child’s Passions

Follow Your Child’s Learning Style
Follow your Child’s Learning Pace Per Subject
Never Use Fear & Punishments As Motivation
Remove Tests And Grades As Tools For Teaching (Shocked? You Bet.)
Nurture A Great Love For Reading
Make Ordinary Life Events As Your Classroom
Make Work And Service Essential To Your Child’s Education
Build Your Family Relationship (The Greatest Reward!)
Personally Share Your Faith and Values With Your Child
Need I say more?


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Here is a book by Mark Twain about Joan of Arc that you can read online free:
The Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc is available online here