Friday, June 15

Helping a Friend

This morning, I went to the National Statistics Office (NSO) at East Avenue, parked the car at KFC that was across the place, crossed the road, and hopped on the center island (thinking I should hurry or get caught jaywalking or someone I know might see me doing this). Upon entering the place, gosh, so many people are in queue. I couldn't breathe well because of the strong scent of sweats, the big exhaust fans are of no help. I waited for my turn (got the #1658), they're only serving #'s 1300-1400....I already have the application form filled up. Good thing there are huge television around the place but you can't hear any sound from it. You just have to read their lips (the show Sis is on air) he, he. I looked for something to use to fan myself, found my kids' fan in my bag, with Dora the Explorer smiling at me.... Finally, my number was called, paid for the docs (P125.00 each copy of bc or mc) and got the receipts. I was told my docs will be ready by Monday. On Monday, I will proceed to DFA to apply for a lost passport. By the way, did I mention that I'm doing this for a family friend?


lady cess said...

are you my mom?? hehehe! thats what my mom has been doing these past days (although, inuutusan din niya to go to nso yung secretary nya minsan), inaasikaso niya ang birth cert at passport naman ng mga kapatid nya. magka-birthday yata kayo e.

rowena said...

hi cess,

thanks for visiting my site. siguro nga magka b-day kami...he he. pwede na nga ako magtayo agency- all around helper...