Saturday, June 16

How to Tell a Male Trial Lawyer From a Female Trial Lawyer

I have so many lawyer-friends, especially the ones who asked me to pray for them to pass the bar exams when I was still doing my novena in Baclaran Church way back. Thank God, they all passed. They've been practicing for years already. Oh, how I envy them.

Guys, read this. No violent reaction, please...

An anonymous but acute and mischievous observer from the Bench compiled this telling commentary:

A male lawyer is aggressive; a female lawyer is pushy.

He is courteous to the judge; she is fawning.

He is careful about details; she's picky.

He loses his temper because he's so involved in his case; she's bitchy.

He's a stern taskmaster in preparation for trial; she's difficult to work for.

He follows through on his cross-examination; she doesn't know when to quit.

He's firm; she's stubborn.

He makes wise judgement; she reveals her prejudices.

He isn't afraid to say what he thinks; she's opinionated.

He exercises authority over a witness; she's tyrannical.

He's discreet; she's secretive.

He's depressed (or hung over); she's moody, so it must be her time of the month.

He is a man of the world; she's been around.


faith said...


Now that's 1 way to look at why female lawyers are not looked upon too kindly.

rowena said...

hi kim,

amusing offense meant to my women-lawyer friends. kaya nga i said, no violent reactions pls. he he he