Tuesday, May 29


Today as I was watching the live telecast of Ms. Universe Pageant in my room, I remembered my childhood dream to be a beauty queen. I would wear a robe, put a crown and strut around the house waving to my sisters and mom. They would laugh at me. But am not destined to be one because I only grew up to 5 feet. To my mom and dad's disappointment...

I get to meet beauty queens though in college at the University of Santo Tomas. Three of them became my classmates. One was even in my circle of friends, who eventually became ninang to my first born, Nicole. She is Jenette Fernando (former Ms. Cosmetics, former Ms. Avon, Binibining Pilipinas Ms. Tourism). Jenette joined beauty contest one after the another. She always won. Her beauty is perfect (even without make-up), she stands 5'4 , has flawless skin and she's smart. She is really a good student, I know, she's also my seatmate for 3 years in college. Suitors are all over the building. Sometimes, we would hide her from the persistent d.o.m guy (who uses different car every time he would visit in our university). People can't help stare at her beauty, even in jeepneys (yes, we commute back then). We even wade through the flooded Dapitan Street on rainy days. Cowboy, noh? After college, she entered show business. Worked with a lot of stars like Rudy Fernandez, Bong Revilla and even Dolphy. She joined GMA Supershow as one of the hosts. I would hear from her from time to time. Get to read the latest about her in the newspaper. When I gave birth, asked her to be ninang to Nicole. Of course, she was there with her ever loving mom. Every year, every birthday, she was there. Eventually, she got married and had kids, I am also ninang to her only son.

Segue to the recent pageant, I also saw the Binibining Pilipinas contestants way back during the senatorial campaign of Sen. Mar Roxas. We were using the Expo Centro place as campaign headquarters, the contestants would use our bathroom during their rehearsals. And to my surprise, I saw them using foundation make up on their butts, legs and even on their armpits. No wonder they look flawless during the pageant, he he. All of them were wearing nice clothes and using shoes with high heels. I even overheard them saying they were not eating rice and meat weeks before the contest. And I bet some of those ladies took up short courses at Speechpower or John Robert Powers to get ready for the prestigious event.

Back to my topic, Ms. Japan won as I was doing this post. My bet was Ms. Venezuela or Ms. Brazil...Ive watched the preliminary activities, all the girls seemed to be enjoying their time in Mexico City. Why not, it's one in a lifetime experience. The most anticipated beauty contest is over. Wait til next year girls- Ms. Universe wannabes....


faith said...


My aunts and mama (when she was alive), were all Ms. Universe addicts. They even kept score cards to keep stock of their favorites.haha.

Welcome to the blogworld, rowena.

rowena said...

hello, hello kim.

thanks for visiting my site.

you're the second one, next to teacher julie who posted a comment. and siguro my friends and sisters din because i make kulit for them to visit the site. he he.

May said...

It seems every girl I meet dreams (or at least dreamt) of being a beauty queen. Ako, hindi. Weird no? Hehehehe. Ewan, I just didn't. Not even in my dreams. And I don't really love watching beauty shows... at least not from start to finish. Watch lang ako sa simula... then sa bandang crowning na. Weird nga!

New to blogging? Welcome, welcome! I don't blog on blogger anymore, but I have a link on my blogger profile to where my blog is. Hope you visit (shameless plug, harhar.)


rowena said...

hi may,

even my daughter nicole is now dreaming to be one...(na influence ng mama, he he)

i've visited your site already...hope to meet you also so with the other mommy bloggers.