Thursday, August 23


My kids needed a new look. They've been sporting long hair with natural curls for quite some time now. So I decided it's time for a haircut. I brought the girls to the nearby salon. While Pio had his haircut at home. Here's the before & after pics (but the posting got mixed up).

Nicole's new look

Nicole's long hair

Gabbie's new hairstyle

Gabbie's old hairdo

Pio's new haircut

home service by Pio's fave barber

Pio's former cut


jennyr said...

amazing how the haircut can change someone's look! u have very cute kids! thanks for visiting my site...that twitter party badge looks interesting...i've been seeing that lately in some blogs. maybe i should check that out!

annamanila said...

Cutie pies, yayayay!

Swerte young moms and their kids ngayon -- all milestones documented!

Noemi said...

How cute they are. I cut my the hair of my girls till they were 7 years old. I was trying to be thrifty. As long as they like their new hairstyle, they should be happy.

lady cess said...

kamukha mo si nicole no?

so cute! beware though, they all would need another haircut in a month, hehehe!

Heart of Rachel said...

I like their refreshing new hairstyle.

I agree with Cess, I noticed that too.

rowena said...

Hi Jenny, thanks also for the visit. Re the twitter, try it na. Rachel and Cess suggested it to me. Rach helped me how to upload it here.:-)

Hi Myrna, you're right, helpful talaga new technology to document family activities/milestones. Before, I was busy with photo albums and scrap books but tinamad nako nung dumami na mga kids ko, he he.

Hi Noemi, I also used to cut their hair pero di lagi pantay, my kids are protesting na he he. So we went back to the salon. I've been planning to enroll at Ricky Reyes Institute before but got no time (pang business sana).:-(

Hi Cess, sabi nga pero some say si hubby daw kamukha (better female version). :-)

Hi Rach, thanks. I also need a new haircut but hubby doesn't want me to cut my long hair. Told him, look at Charlene's (hubby's crush) or Bernadette Sembrano's, they have nice hairstyles. Or Gretchen's, then he retorted, eh me ginawang kasalanan yan kaya bigla nagpa ikli ng hair, he he.

girlie said...

buti pumayag mga girls mo? my daughter wants her hair long ^_^

rowena said...

Hi Girlie, no choice sila eh. Actually, sila me gusto kasi hirap na sila with long hair and they heard I'm gonna have a haircut also. Ako pala di pwede mag pa cut. Ayaw ni hubby....He offered to pay for my hair rebond, he he. Btw, I was looking for you at the Bloggers' Meet. Too bad I didn't get to meet you.