Sunday, August 26

Meet the Bloggers

Last Thursday, August 23, the 2nd Bloggers' Meet happened at the Taste Asia (Mall of Asia, Pasay City) sponsored by the SM Hypermarket with the help of Google (represented by its Country Consultant, Aileen Apolo). Two weeks before the event, I received an email from the energetic and charming Dine Racoma (The D Spot) and invited me to the event and even told me I can bring friends who are also bloggers or have Friendster/Yahoo accounts. Immediately, I signed up with my two blogger-sisters (one is using multiply and the other one just started with blogspot). So came Thursday, we all trooped to the place. There I met my online blogger-friends namely Chats (imomonline), Cookie (schroochchronicles), Annamanila (ode2old), Dine (The D Spot), Noemi (aboutmyrecovery) and Julie (teacherjulie). About 400 bloggers attended the party. The food and drinks are overflowing (all for free). They served tempura, baked mussels, pork barbecue, chicken wrapped in banana leaves, some cold veggie sticks. I've heard they also served coffee by midnight. The organizers had a raffle to keep the party alive. A lot of bloggers took home nice prizes. My name was called, but since I left at around 10 p.m., the prize (6 packs of Knorr powdered soup) is forfeited. Nevertheless, I really had a great time, I had a blast! See the pics below. By the way, I saw something nice on this affair. After the awarding for the Best Photo Blog and Best Hypermarket Blog, the four flat screen tv monitors around the place suddenly aired the latest SM Hypermarket ads. And who did I see on the tvc's, my only son Pio Miguel riding the car-shaped grocery cart. I just remembered we went to MOA's Hypermarket thrice to buy some groceries (to think we live in a very far area of Quezon City). I didn't notice they were filming something. Just the same, I am so happy to see my son on tv....Next time, me talent fee na, he he.

Here are the pics from my camera phone:

Rowena with Dine Racoma

with Teacher Julie and Annamanila
(partly hidden is Trixie, Julie's kid)

with Noemi Dado

Noemi, Myrna, Cookie and Chats

Chats, Cookie, moi and Myrna

my drink and some pica-pica

this is my dinner plate

baked mussels

pork barbecue

shrimp tempura


noemi said...

It must have been a surprise to see your son.

glad to finally meet you! I hope we can meet up with a smaller group of moms next time. So till the next meet.

evi said...

i'm so envious. how come we don't have this kind of event here?

chateau said...

It was lots of fun, no? Hope to see you again soon. :)

Annamanila said...

Now, this makes me the only one among our group not to have blogged about the event. Will get to it soon.

Nice pics of a fun event. But why oh why didn't you post the clique photo?! Ahahay, Noemi and I hogged you out of the frame ano. Sige, next time, kayo na ni Cookie and Chats sa unahan.

TY uli for recording the Lifstyle telecast on your camera. That was the first time for me to watch it. Now, it's on Noemi's youtube. Hay naku.

julie said...

It was nice finally meeting you Wenchie! Had a wonderful time at the MOA. Hope we can do another EB soon! :)

(Off topic) We also enjoyed the CFA celebration too.

Heart of Rachel said...

Glad you had a great time meeting blog friends. Thanks for sharing all these lovely photos.

It must have been wonderful to see Pio on the screen. I'm sure you're very happy and proud of those few seconds of fame. Oo nga, next time may talent fee na. :)

rowena said...

Hi Noemi, really a surprise. Nice to finally meet you too. Looking forward to another mommy-bloggers' get-together.

Hi Evi, you better organize one soon. For sure, many Pinoy bloggers will attend in your area.

Hi Chats, am so glad to have met you also. Had lots of fun. Forgot to mention that we didnt wait in a queue when we're about to get our food. We just went straight to the buffet table. Ha ha. The "young" bloggers didn't even protest, he he. Pinag bigyan mga mommies.

Hi Annamanila, you're right we're not on the frame. I only saw my forehead, he he. I tried to upload the show on YouTube but since I switched back to dial up, di yata pumasok sa sobrang tagal ng uploading. Good thing, Noemi had uploaded it na.

Hi Julie, really glad to finally meet you too. I've been waiting for it...Had fun at CFA also.

Hi Rach, yeah am so happy and proud to see Pio on tv. I immediately asked the SM Hypermarket guys who did the ads bec. I want a copy. Stage mother in the making noh....

ScroochChronicles said...

Hi Rowena!! It was great meeting you and your family. As I have told Julie, maybe we can organize a meet up of the PMN Moms soon :)

Nice pics pero parang higante yung braso ko dyan!! Parang wrestler!! Hehehe :)

rowena said...

Hi Cookie, am glad to meet you too. Am also looking forward to another PMN get together soon. Dalin mo si Gaby and Adi ha. Re the pics, di ko na-notice yun ha. Kala mo lang...he he...Next time, edit ko muna using photoshop, LOL.

Aileen Apolo said...

Thanks po for coming!

rowena said...

Hi Aileen, thanks also for the invite.

lady cess said...

dapat may talent fee :) pag na-air na sa tv you tell me san siya don ha.

hay, sana i was there.

rowena said...

Hi Cess, am waiting for it nga eh. Pero baka sa SM cinemas lang yun ipalabas. Sana naka-attend ka. Next time, mag EB na rin tayo...:-)

GreyMom said...

Kakainggit naman! Buti pa kayo you were able to meet and have some fun. Sana next time sali din kami!

ladybug said...

looks like a night full of fun and good food! Natatakam ako sa pictures ng mga pagkain.

rowena said...

Hi Greymom, you're right, join na kayo next time. Hope to meet you soon.

Hi Ladybug, oo nga, yummy food, now I've realized the 2 pc-shrimp tempura weren't enough for me. Nauna kasi chikahan eh. Babawi ako next time, he he. Hope join ka rin next time.

auee said...


We need to meet up next year when I go home... Alam ko super tagal pa, but if I think hard it's barely 10 months haha

rowena said...

Hi Auee, sige let's meet up when you're back in Manila...