Thursday, August 2


For the first time, I got my Rockin' Girl Blogger Award from Rachel (Heart of Rachel). Yipee! I am very happy. Got this award last week and I'm posting it now. Thanks a lot Rachel. Here's what she said about me.

Rewards of the Heart

Rowena of The Sweet Life - A nurturing person who devotes her time and energy to her family. She has a big and sympathetic heart, easily moved by events happening around her. Thanks Rowena for always taking time to greet me a wonderful day.

And I am spreading the cheer by sharing my award to the following bloggers who really ROCK:

AnnaManila of Ode2Old

Lady Cess of One-Twenty One

Julie of Teacher Julie

Kim of Soloops

Analyse of My Hideaway

I don't have to explain why (guys, just read their blogs please and their profiles), in my dictionary este, in my book they all rock....


lady cess said...

aawww. thanks thanks thanks! big hug from me! touched ako sobra!

rowena said...

Hi Cess, you really rock. Did I tell you that I've been reading your blog on a daily basis last summer. I really enjoyed it and even let my hubby to read your posts. Na-inspire ako sa inyo that's why I decided to blog na rin.

Belle said...

congratulations for the Rockin' Girl Blogger truly deserved it. that is why i love visiting your site despite of how busy i am.

rowena said...

Hi Belle, wow, am so honored. Thanks a lot...

Annamanila said...

I also got my first blogger award not too long ago. Guess what ... galing magbwena mano. medyo sunodsunod. haha

Ty, isa pong karangalang maging Reyna ng Vicks (you ask your mom about that ... she might remember ... hahaha).

Seriously, so delighted,flattered, touched. Dakol salamat.

Heart of Rachel said...

You're very welcome Rowena. You really deserve it. I'm glad our paths crossed. Looking forward to getting to know you better. Take care!

rowena said...

Hi Annamanila, you deserve it also. Btw, I'm looking forward to more stories of women betrayed in a book. I'll even help you market it. He he.

Hi dear Rachel, thanks a lot. I'm so happy, I texted my friends and even told my hubby that I got this award. Naku, biglang nadagdagan profile views ko and visitors (yabang noh). Seriously, am so glad what this blogging world has brought me- friends, lots of new friends.

faith said...


Me? Tralalala! You made my day. Salamat.

Shamed on me that I've been blogging less and less.

In my book, you ROCK too. The minute that I have free time to bloghop, yours is the first one I visit.

Now, if only we can have that EB soon.

rowena said...

Hi Kim, yeah that's you my friend. You really ROCK. I can't imagine being a lawyer, wife to a military man, mother to a toddler (and another baby on the way) and a blogger rolled into one woman. That's quite an achievement for me. Btw, re the EB, we can see each other, I'm free during school days (1-6pm) and weekends too. If you have a hearing in QC, I can drop by, we'll make chika about the judges there. Ssssssh.....he he