Friday, October 3

Congrats, Sis!

My sister Budeck just graduated from her masteral degree at the Kobe University. She took up International Studies. And I can say she's really one diligent student. She took up Accounting in college at the University of Santo Tomas. Worked for a few years at Asian Bank then transferred to the Philippine Senate as budget analyst (working with the Senators during budget deliberations). She pursued Theology at the Don Bosco School of Theology while working. Not content with that, she joined me in law school where we became classmates. She's the one who's always present in class while I go to the movies with hubby, he he he. She has received grants/scholarships abroad in the past, really wanted to study, learn and learn more.

Now that she has added feathers in her cap, she plans to work at the Department of Foreign Affairs, if possible at the Philippine Embassy in Japan.

To my very generous and kind sister, wish you more success sis. We love you. We're proud of you.

the certificate written in the Japanese language

her certificate


julie said...

Congratulations, Budeck! Galing!

Heart of Rachel said...

That's a remarkable milestone. Congratulations to your sister!

Annamanila said...

Was Budeck the sister we met at Taste Asia at MOA? I guess not ha .. as she's supposed to be in Kobe.

Congrats to your accomplished sister!

Rowena said...

Hi Julie and Rachel, thanks.

Hi Myrna, thanks. Chic was the one you've met in Taste Asia. Both of them are still single.

caryn said...

hey cool, your sis is also in japan pala ;-) congrats to her!