Wednesday, October 8

Pio's Report Card

Two weeks ago, I got my kids' report card. Am so happy to share my only son's progress report card for the first quarter. Bear with me, am just so happy and feels so proud for my Pio. He's my little fellow who spends so much time in the computer, playing games and watching the Disney Channel. Whenever I ask him if we can review or study together, he'll answer that he has studied his lessons already in school. True enough, I don't have to make kulit. On the other hand, I opted not to post Nicole and Gabbie's grades. They're kinda shy about it. Nicole is getting ready though for the entrance exams at the Philippine Science High School and the Quezon City Science High (both DOST managed schools). Anyway, here's what Pio worked hard for...

Christian Living Education- 90

Filipino- 94

English- 90

Mathematics- 91

Science- 87

Makabayan- 93

MAPE- 93

Computer- 92


cookie said...

Yay..congrats to Pio :)

Rowena said...

Thanks Cookie. All the while, I thought he's going to get 80 in all his subjects kasi tamad mag-aral. Ako pa raw makulit, he he he.

Heart of Rachel said...

Congratulations to Pio for getting all those high grades in school.

Annamanila said...

Wow. Any mommy heart will swell with pride at such school report. Take a bow Pio. Take a bow na din,Pio's mommy.