Thursday, October 9

An Apple A Day: Facts and Tips

The old saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" has been justified by its many health-rich properties. Apples are excellent detoxifiers and apple juice can destroy viruses in the body.

In one recent study , Riu Hai Liu of Cornell University, has found although apples has only a small amount of vitamin C, eating 100 grams of apple provides the same amount of antioxidant activity as taking 1,500 milligrams of the same vitamin.

Just make sure you do not take too many apple seeds because it could be toxic if taken in large amount.

Benefits of Apples

1. Apple cleans teeth and strengthens gum

2. Will make the cholesterol level lower

3. Detoxify the body and has an antiviral property

4. Apple will also prevent constipation because it helps digestion

5. One large apple supplies almost 30% of minimum amount of fiber that should be consumed daily

The use :

1. For people who suffer from gout and rheumatism, eat apple regularly because it will aid healing

2. Eating 2 apples a day will reduce your cholesterol level up to 10 %

3. Drinking an apple juice, 3 times a day, is said to prevent virus from settling in the body.

4. Another benefit of apple is for those who have problem with their stomach. If you have problem with indigestion, eat apples before meals.

5. Grated apple, when mixed with live yogurt may be helpful in cases of diarrhea

Tips :

1) Never buy apples that have not been kept cold since they can be over-ripe in a few days.

2) Apples should be hard. If you can dent an apple with your finger, DO NOT BUY IT.

3) Keep your apples refrigerated. If not, it will decay fast.

4) To prevent browning, rub the cut surfaces with a mixture of lemon juice and water.

5) Canadian researchers analyzing eight popular varieties found that the old standby, Red Delicious, and an apple called Northern Spy contain more disease-fighting antioxidants in their skin and flesh than any other studied. In English this means red apples are better than other apples.

6) Instead of drinking coffee (for call center people or students studying for exams), apple can make you stay awake on night time.


New Free Media said...

Very informative, especially for the health-conscious.

Heart of Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing this great post. My hubby loves apples that's why we always have some in the ref. I eat some from time to time but sadly Yohan doesn't like it.

Annamanila said...

Thanks for the appley tidbits. Pero I thought we have switched to "a banana a day." Well,siguro for the ultimate in health benefits, lets make it a bowl of salad a day.