Monday, October 6

Tagged: Kids' Names

Aiza of Typing Free tagged me to do this meme, this is about the story behind or the meaning of my kids' names. Since I have four kids and each of them has 3 names, all the girls have Maria on their name. Here's what I've got;

Maria- after Mama Mary's name, means the perfect one (in Hebrew), I also have Maria on my birth certificate and I chose this name for my girls.

Aurora- (Latin-Italian origin) after my mom's name, means daybreak/dawn

Nicole- (French origin) named after the famous Australian actress, means victory of the people

Cristina- (Spanish-Italian origin) means a christian, hubby chose this name

Gabrielle- (Hebrew-French origin) means heroine of God, I chose this after the name of one character in Sunset Beach and it also reminds me of Gabriela Silang

Angelica- (Latin-Italian)-means angelic messenger, hubby chose the name for our youngest child

Beatrice- (Italian origin)- means joy, I really like this name, it goes with Maria Angelica

Pio- named after Padre Pio, hubby chose this name for our only son

Miguel- (Hebrew-Spanish origin), means "who resembles God", after hubby's name (Michael)

There, I'm done. I'm not tagging anyone, feel free to do it. Do you know the meaning of your kid's names? Do your research. Have fun.