Tuesday, September 30

Pio's Scout Investiture

My only son Pio had his investiture last Friday in school. He is now officially a kab scout. Posted below are pics taken on the affair.

getting ready for the parade

parade of colors

with the scout masters

with his fellow scouts

Pio with his ninang for the investiture, putting Pio's neckerchief


SASSY MOM said...

What a coincidence my son had his last Sep 20. Congrats!

Annamanila said...

May Ninang pa pala ang investiture, ha. Big event for Pio! Congrats.

So it's now spelled kab scout? :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Congratulations to Pio! I'm so happy for your young boy.

Cielo said...

congrats to you Pio, I am sure Mom Wench is one proud Momma

Rowena said...

Hi Salen, congrats to your son. Ang galing, me boy scout na tayo sa family...hope lagi silang handa, he he.

Hi Myrna, thanks. Yeah it's spelled as kab...

Hi Rachel, thanks. Am so happy when I saw Pio accorded membership to the Boy Scout of the Philippines. Naku, ang sipag nya ngayon dito sa house. Hope Yohan gets to be a boy scout too.

Hi Cielo, thanks. Proud talaga kahit ayaw mag camping kasi am not sleeping beside him daw, waaah, Mama's boy pa rin....