Thursday, October 16

How to Lose Weight...

I have friends who have gained weight after they gave birth or went on a holiday or simply loves to eat like me. Speaking of holidays, another big celebration is coming up soon, Christmas. To prepare myself to more parties, buffet, social gatherings, cocktails, I feel I should go slow now on carbs, soda and my all time favorites, chocolates. And I should use our old stationary bike here, which hubs is bugging me to use. Better yet, I would follow these weight-losing tips;

*Replace fizzy drinks with water.

*Swap whole milk for semi-skimmed, or semi-skimmed for skimmed.

*Eat less lunch than usual. For example, make your own sandwich and limit the use of margarine/butter and full-fat mayonnaise (store-bought sandwiches often contain both).

*Stop taking sugar in tea and coffee.

*Have smaller portions of the food you enjoy.

*Avoid having a second helping at dinner. Limit your rice intake.

*Cut out unhealthy treats such as confectionary, sugary biscuits and crisps between meals.

*Eat more veggies and fruits.

*Cut down on beer, alcohol or soda.

*Walk your way to the nearby church, grocery/mall.

*Spend some time to exercise, burn some calories. Do house chores. Go biking with your kids. Or walk around your place with hubby or friends.

Or if you're not the type who goes to the gym, who have no time to exercise or do some walking, and still you don't want to skip your meals. Try this,

The Weight is Over!

You’ve probably tried a few diets in your time… the “miracle of the moment” diet… the celebrity-endorsed diet… maybe even a starvation diet or two.

And you even may have lost a few pounds. But remember the aftermath?

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This Time is Different

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Two Simple Steps to Lasting Success:

No more weighing, measuring, calculating or starving. Slimplicity breaks down weight loss into two simple steps:

1. Replace lunch with a deliciously satisfying Slimplicity shake.

2. Adopt a smarter lifestyle by adding steps to your day and eating healthy, flavor-filled, well-balanced meals and snacks.

Imagine a slimmer you looking back in the mirror. You’re on your way to a healthier, more radiant you! Slimplicity. The weight is over!

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