Wednesday, September 17

A Day at Dampa

Last Sunday, my family went to Dampa at Macapagal Avenue. It's been awhile since the last time we all ate there. Since me and my kids are seafood lovers, we were so happy when hubby decided to treat us there. You can just see the smile on Pio's face. First, we bought the seafoods on the market and have them cooked at Mom and Dad resto. The resto's staff suggested the dish they can do with our chosen seafood.

The resto is so clean (same with the bathroom), staff are friendly, service is good and they really cook well. Here, take a peek of what we had at Mom and Dad resto.

Pio opening his dalandan soda

Bea sipping her buko juice

crab claws cooked in butter and garlic

sinigang na sugpo

salmon sashimi

prawn tempura


lady cess said...

i've never been to dampa in macapagal, but i've been to the one in libis. ang galing ng concept no? miss ko na nga pagpunta doon e
ang cute naman ni pio, aliw!

Sexy Mom said...

which reminds me, i haven't beein in a dampa resto for quite sometime now. i always enjoy a trip there.

Heart of Rachel said...

Great food choices! It's been quite a while since I went to Dampa.

Annamanila said...

Kaaway ko ang mga yan! Yum yum. Oo nga, pwede nga palang magpaluto ng tempura sa dampa ano? Hmmm