Wednesday, September 17

Doctor, Doctor We Are Sick...

A week ago, me and my kids are all sick. Blame it on the weather, too much heat in the morning 'til afternoon, then, it rains by night time. My kids had asthma attacks, the youngest got dehydrated, and I had a bad cold which triggers my migraine too. We went to see a doctor, had our laboratory tests (CBC, urinalysis, X-ray) and bought medicines at the Mercury Drugstore. I also surfed the net for "2nd opinion".

I took Sinutab for my colds, Norgesic for my migraine and Vitamin C & E. While my kids had Neozep Syrup (for colds), Biogesic syrup (for fever), Ambroxol (for cough), Pedialyte (for dehydration) and Asmalin (Salbutamol) nebule for their nebulization. Kids are also taking Ceelin and Appebon with Iron as their vitamins. We all drank gallons of fruit juice, ate veggies and slept almost the whole day for one week. I didn't send my kids to school so they can rest.

Thank God, we're all ok now.


lady cess said...

hay, uso talaga yan ngayon.
im glad to know youre fine now.

Heart of Rachel said...

Glad you and the kids are doing better now.

Annamanila said...

Glad you're bouncing back.

teka .. ad ba ito? hehe