Monday, May 28

How to Gain Weight

When I was young, my mom would be bring me to our pedia and she would make kulit on how can we (plus my 3 siblings) gain weight. She would give us appetite stimulant, prescribed by the doctor. We eat a lot, veggies, meat, chicken, fruits...We are not picky. We drink Sustagen every night. The doctor even prescribed heraclene to be mixed with our milk. But to my mom's disappointment, we didn't gain weight or the weight she wanted. Maybe we were just built this way. I'm forever 99 lbs., he he.

During my fourth and last pregnancy (4th cs), my weight is not so desirable to my ob-gyne's standard. So she prescribed foods/drinks to gain more weight.

Here's the list:

sweet corn on the cob

mashed potato or french fries


quail eggs or boiled eggs

more rice, rice cakes (kakanin)

fresh ripe mangoes

cakes/ pastries

ice cream


avocado shakes or the fresh fruit itself

fried chicken

burgers/ steaks

hot or cold milk

In no time, I gained so much weight...but then again, my baby is only 6.3 lbs.


chateau said...

Hi visiting from soloops's site.
Ang sarap naman ng problem mo, literally LOL!
Welcome to blogworld. I hope you stay, it's great here :)

rowena said...

hi chat,

thanks for visiting my site. been reading your site also. actually, am scared to invite others (doesn't consider myself a good writer) to the site. tips are welcome though from mommy bloggers like you...