Sunday, May 27

I Love Watching Movies

Way back in college, my good friend Alona was my movie buddy. We would always go to SM City (North Edsa) after our morning classes in UST ends. During our 1st and 2nd year, we have half day classes. Classes usually end at 12 noon. Off we go straight to the mall (that's the one nearest), eat our lunch and watch a movie. I think we were able to watch a movie thrice a week. I was enjoying this schedule, I even narrated to my mom the movies we've watched. She didn't object my doing so, she knows I'll be taking up Communication Arts as my major in college and venture on film making or advertising later on.

I cannot count how many movies I've watched. Some are real or true to life movies, intellectually scripted while some are considered trash (mostly Pinoy produced movies). Wondering why Pinoy directors and producers did not get new ideas for their stories back then and until now....Why can't we have movies like The Godfather, Big, Sleepless in Seattle, Pretty Woman, Ransom, The Rock, My Bestfriend's Wedding, Troy, Gladiator, Catch Me If You Can, Ocean's Eleven, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Sabrina, Moulin Rouge, Evita, A Walk to Remember, The Passion of Christ, and many more real good movies....

How I wished more producers (including writers, directors) would make good quality movies that we can all be proud of. When the right time comes, I wish (and dream) I can also make even an indie movie.


julie said...

Yey! She has a blog now! So you're from Quezon city. I think a meet-up should be in order since I am also from this very big city.

You could make an indie film, why not. You don't need too expensive equipments. And you can cast friends and family members there. Way to go girl!

rowena said...

hi julie,

thanks a lot, your site helps (encourages) me venture into blogging...

we should really meet up soon. about the indie film, it's just a dream. my close friends dont even know that i yearn for one...big dream noh?