Saturday, May 26

May 14 Elections

This is a bit late, I'll post just the same.

I woke up early so with my kids. After a heavy breakfast, dressed up and "flew" to Pasay. Imagine an almost empty Edsa, I drove from our home here in Quezon City to Pasay in about 20 minutes. It was 2 hours before voting ends at 3pm. My sister and I found our precinct easily, went inside and voted. Since I'm not really active now in Pasay politics, I just voted all female candidates running for the council. I can't say though whom I voted for mayor, vice mayor and representative because I knew/met most of them vying for the position when I was still doing consultancy work for the city government way back...

My senatorial list (as I've prepared the night before) includes Sen. Kiko Pangilinan, Noynoy Aquino, Chiz Escudero, Edgardo Angara, Loren Legarda, Allan Cayetano, Joker Arroyo, Miguel Zubiri, Antonio Trillanes, Manny Villar, Ping Lacson, and Dr. Martin Bautista (Kapatiran).

My eldest sister isn't happy, her name wasn't on the list. We looked for any Comelec employee in the school. No one was there. We decided to go to the city hall where the comelec officers hold office. Even on their computer files, her name wasn't there. We are so frustrated. The comelec officer (a young lawyer) was of no help either. She even told us that she's new on the job, not less than 30 days daw. My gosh, what an excuse...She cut us pa while I'm trying to say something. She said this is more important than your case (pointing to her cellphone). I heard her say, "the Deped Asec. issued a memo that all Cayetano votes will be considered stray votes". It's actually in her desk (the memo). I wondered how the memo got to her on a holiday. But she changed her statements, telling her caller (the Pasay School Superintendent, I assumed) to just tell the teachers to do what they want with the Cayetano votes. Confusing noh? We stood up infront of this lady-lawyer and she remarked we can't do anything about your problem, it's already 3pm, it'''s moot and academic. I shot back, "kung di pa 3pm me magagawa ka ba". She answered none daw, "it's up to the Comelec main office to answer for the missing voters' names on the list". It's really useless to argue with her...I wonder how she passed the bar exams, tsk..tsk.

Anyway, we just went to the Mall of Asia and ate Tropical Hut's halo-halo and Colette's buko pie (bought at Hypermart) at the foodcourt. We also had some picture-taking with my kids at the skating rink (this is not our 1st time in the mall). My mom's house is very near the mall that's why my kids are always tagging along whenever I have meetings in the area. We had a great time this election day...I was able to exercise my right to vote and my choices are winning in the on-going canvassing (except for one, deserving though).