Monday, May 28

My Wonderful Kids

Angelica Beatrice (3 yrs. old)
playing Santa last Christmas

Aurora Nicole (10) & Cristina Gabrielle (6)
(pic taken at the podium)

my little angel Bea
posing around

Pio Miguel (4 yrs. old)
waiting for the Jollibee party

When I got pregnant to my first baby (Nicole), I made sure to follow all the doctor's advise, the do's and dont's. Ate so much vegetables and fruits especially watermelon. I remembered my Psychology professor's story that every time she would ask mothers of gifted students she had encountered what are the foods they ate during their pregnancy, the answer would always be watermelon. She then, told us when the time comes for us ladies in her class, we should eat lots of watermelon. So I did. Would go to San Andres market or at the fruit store in the old Greenbelt and there, I would buy watermelon at P120-130 each. That was in 1996. I ate siopao, halo-halo, chicken, seafoods, meat, countless cups of rice except the milk, which tasted different. Gave birth on 1997 to a healthy baby girl. Nicole is quite a smart kid. She would watch an entire cartoon movie for 1-2 hours. Attention span is long for her age (at 2 years old). When she turned 3, she can sing a whole song, knows all the colors and shapes, the alphabet, numbers 1-50. At 4, she started using the cellphone, forwarding messages to my sisters and calling them if she wants to go to Timezone. She entered pre-school at 4 years old, skipped Prep, went straight to grade 1 at 6 years old. In Montessori school, she is considered advanced for her age, the way she thinks, talks and behaves.

My second child exhibited some characteristics like Nicole's. She has mood swings though. Gabbie went to pre-school at 3 years old, skipped prep, went to grade 1 at 5 years old. She paints well also. But the advent of computers and more Disney shows on tv, reading is not such an enjoyable thing for her to do. I am still encouraging her to read more. She dreams to be a Rachel Ray daw (is she one?) or Wolfgang Puck, her favorite show aside from the cartoons.

Only son Pio Miguel is an average joe. He likes cars, he knows the brand, the make, the model. And he would tell you if a car is brand new or second hand. Driving the car fascinates him no end. He likes to learn new things like using the computer (at age 3), doing the powerpoint thing (which I don't even know), fiddling with his old broken toys (trying to repair them), planting trees (with his papa), choosing the groceries to buy at the store (even reminding me what's missing in the kitchen), planning his get-up before going to the mall/parties/church. Pio had memorized all the senatorial candidates and would ask me who are the corrupt ones. Came election day, he knew whom I've voted. I hope he grows up as a responsible adult. He dreams of becoming a doctor, sometimes a lawyer (so he can have lots of cars daw), or a priest (para la daw fixed time to go to the office), or a professional boxer (he's eyeing Pacquio's porsche)...

My little angel, Bea is now 3 years old. She never stopped talking the minute she wakes up. Maybe she can be a newscaster (one of my dreams before, ha ha) someday. Would always participate to discussions or would even tell stories. She likes Dora the Explorer a lot, Backyardigans, Baby Looney Tunes, Hi-Five, Lazy Town. She sometimes talks like them.

My four wonderful kids, my treasures....And I really thanked God for them.