Friday, May 25

Jollibee Party

hi guys. this is my first post. am kinda scared because i don't know if i can write as good as the others. been reading almost all pinay bloggers the past two months.

let me start here. today my kids and i attended a childrens party at jollibee. i told my kids to eat lunch early and get ready for the party. the invite says 1 pm. we bought a gift from the nearby store. my son pio miguel is insisting that i should buy him one also. i have to tell him that we are attending a party, that for sure, they're going to get more new toys from the games.

true enough, during the first game ("the boat is sinking"), my 3 kids were the last ones left together with the jollibee mascot. they were given toys as prizes. the parents of the celebrant (my hubby's childhood friend) were laughing, naghakot daw prizes mga anak ko...he he.

after the kids' games, parents were called to participate to another game. of course i joined. we didn't win though. mommies competed with daddies. the guys are much faster that us.

the jollibee mascot danced, joined the games, opened gifts with the celebrant, really partied with the kids. am surprised to see that, in my previous party experience, the mascot just danced and posed for picture-taking. hayun, my only son asked me if he can have a jollibee party come october...have to save for that son...