Friday, February 27

Blue Water Day Spa Event

Last Tuesday, February 24, we (a few invited bloggers, thanks to Noemi Dado) attended an event which I've been waiting for, the grand opening of Blue Water Day Spa at Capitol Hills in Quezon City. Even though I'm coming down with a flu, (I took meds to ease the body pains I'm having) still I insisted that I should attend this event. Hubby and I are actually arguing about it. When he finally agreed to let me attend, drove fast to fetch Chats and just in time, we were able to catch Piolo Pascual before he leaves the venue. After the ambush picture-taking, we toured the place.

This is such a nice spa to visit. Since hubby and I frequent this place because of the resto at the roof deck (with the view of the whole Metro Manila), now hubby can stay there and drink all he can while I'll have my day at the spa. Or maybe both of us can try and go for a massage.

Here are some of the pics...

the reason why I attended the event...Piolo Pascual with moi and Chats

facade at night time

Executive Room

foot spa and facial area

the lobby

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Heart of Rachel said...

What a nice opportunity to rub elbows with the dashing Piolo P.

Lynn said...

Ang galing pala ng timing n'yo ni Chats, naabutan n'yo si Piolo. :) Nice souvenir pic.

Annamanila said...

You, FMB bloggers have really been busy. Kung alam ko lang nandun si Piolo, di sumama ako. haahhaha. So how's Gabby now?

See you one of these days.