Tuesday, December 2

And the Heavens Smiled on Us

Last night on my way home after watching Twilight with my kid Nicole, we saw a smiley face in the sky. I was amazed by the sight that I stopped driving and admired this once in a lifetime event. Hurriedly, I went home, asked my kids to go out and drove around to see a clearer view. We are so happy and felt good about this real good sign from heaven.

As I began plurking about it, my fellow plurkies and bloggers are also looking in the sky. It turned out, as astronomers say Venus and Jupiter and a crescent moon formed a smiley face last night, with the planets forming the eyes and the moon forming the mouth.

Venus and Jupiter have appeared side by side in the evening sky over the last week or so, but last night was the best night when the "face" appeared, astronomers say.

Viewers in Western Australia saw the best view of the effect, with the moon appearing closer to the "eyes".

Stargazers in Europe and Africa missed out completely. By the time the sun sets for them, the moon appeared between the planets.

In the United States, the effect was inverted and appeared as a frown.

David Widdowson, from astronomy calendar website Astrovisuals, said the heavens might be trying to send us a message to shrug off bad financial times and be happy.


Heart of Rachel said...

I was amazed by the lovely smile in the sky.

julie said...

We totally missed it :(

We went outside to watch last night but the sight was frowning because it was a bit late when we went.

It must be a good sign for us then, I hope, even if hundreds of OFW are coming home.

Anna said...

Hi Rowena! I had a good view of the Smiley in the Sky, and I feel so blessed. Astronomers say a sight like that won't happen again for another 44 years!