Thursday, December 4

My First Sony Experience Is With My Tape Recorder

Way back in high school, I always make sure I take down notes every time the teacher discusses our lessons. When the habit becomes tiring for me, I brought my Sony tape recorder given by my mom in school. So there, all the voices, noise and even the sighs are recorded. Nevertheless, the tape recorder helped me when I was reviewing for my exams. When I reached college, I still have my tape recorder with me in the university, my constant companion. And it never failed me. After school, I would listen over and over again to the recorded lectures. During lunch breaks, my friend and I would listen to Frank Sinatra's music on the recorder/player.

I remembered I even used the recorder while interviewing Senators at the Old Congress building when we had our research for our History class. Months after graduation, I am still using the said recorder when I had my first job at the Philippine Senate.

Came law school and review classes, the ever reliable Sony tape recorder is always at hand to help me on my further studies. I am now encouraging my kid to do the same. She may not use the old one I've had, for there are now so many great Sony products/models to choose from. But the one I had, it definitely gave significance in my life just like the Sony’s World’s First Noise Canceling Notebook Computer: VAIO T Series which would help me acquire more knowledge and bring enjoyment as well to my family.


Tetcha Gregorio-Figuerres said...

Hi, Wench! I never experienced using a tape recorder in class. Wala kasing pambili. Haha! Seriously, it's a great learning tool.

Blogger said...

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raqgold said...

maligayang pasko!

ako din, i used those tapes in class kasi i cant read my own handwriting :D