Wednesday, December 17

Home Safety

RE-POST FROM NESTLE CLUB (just want to share this to my readers esp. to my mommy-blogger friends)

How to prevent accidents and injuries around the house? The Nestlé Club shares with you some practical home safety tips to help you make everyday safe.

Watch out for dangerous substances. Lock cabinets in your bathroom to prevent children from acquiring hazardous chemicals like cleansers and detergents. Avoid transferring cleaning fluids, kerosene and other hazardous chemicals into beverage bottles or cans for they might be ingested. If needed, properly label (with big font) cans and bottles. Make sure you do not store poisonous items with food items.

Do not grope in the dark. Can’t always find the light switch? Place simple glow-in-the-dark stickers, easily purchased at department stores, near the light switch.

Prevent slips and falls. Tiles and porcelain surfaces can be slippery when they are wet or soapy. To prevent falls, invest in rubber mats on the bathroom floor.

Stop, Drop, and Roll. If your clothes catch fire, immediately drop to the floor and roll over and over until the flames are put out. This is especially important to practice with kids so they will know what to do in case of a fire accident.

Know how to use a fire extinguisher. Not all fire extinguishers are alike. Check the expiration date and replace the content when necessary.

List down Emergency Numbers. Place your telephone or mobile phone near you when you sleep so you can easily be contacted in case of emergency. Post the list of emergency numbers near the phone lines.

Switch off the lights. When not in use, switch off all appliances. This will help you save electricity too. Make sure the extension cords where the appliances are plugged will not be overloaded before switching them on.

Watch where you’re going. Brighten hallways and stairways with lamps, nightlights or bulbs. This will prevent tripping and missing steps.

Simple and practical!


Heart of Rachel said...

Great tips. Thanks for sharing.