Thursday, November 27

How to Go on a Holiday Binge Without Showing It...

This is a re-post from Nestle Club website.

During holidays, anywhere and everywhere, there is just so much good and tempting food that watching one’s weight at this time is either impossible or a complete torture. But it need not be.

Actually, you can still be very much a part of the festivities – yes, even the part that says, “Eat! Eat! Eat!” – without necessarily gaining a lot of pounds. Here are a few things you might want to bear in mind:

Attitude. Be a little less hard on yourself. If your aim or ideal weight is, say, 120 pounds, during the Holiday season, maybe you can raise that target to about 125-130. Stay within the limits of what is healthy, though, and what is easy to get rid of once the holidays are over. Don’t feel pressured to eat more just because it’s Christmas. Have fun without pigging out during parties; this does not make you a killjoy. Some people, sad to say, overeat not because they’re that hungry or they find it hard to resist food, but because they feel that it’s the normal thing to do during the Season, or that it’s impolite to refuse food from one’s zealous hosts. Set aside a rest day or days—that is, at least one day or two in a week when one will, if not cut back, at least eat normally.

The Party. Eat a little something before you go, some crackers or fruit maybe, or take a low-calorie beverage to acquire a sense of fullness. If you hit a party starving for food, chances are you’re going to eat considerably more. In a buffet line start at one end of the table and make mental notes of what is there. Save your calories for new and interesting dishes; if you are not the adventurous kind, go for something you really like. Go for variety as much as possible, so you won’t overdo any one item. Make experiencing a variety of tastes you objective, instead of stuffing yourself. It is also one way to educate one’s taste buds. In a sit-down dinner, try to sit beside someone you like. By doing so, you can talk more and eat less.

Holiday drinking. Drink alcoholic beverages only after you’ve eaten. If you drink before you eat, you’re asking for trouble. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions (including your will-power) and it also increases hunger. Keep away from sour whiskey, beer, eggnogs, and the like. Instead, go with lower calorie white wine, vodka, and gin. Or better still, either stay away from alcohol completely or nurse one drink to last the night.

Routine. Eat within regular meals and snacks. This is better than cutting back during meals but snacking endlessly on candies, cakes, and sweets during the rest of the day. If you are a regular exerciser, maybe you can add more to your routine or to the time devoted to exercise. At the very least, try not to neglect your exercises. Remember, you are trying to burn more fats and calories. You might want to try jogging or brisk walking after Simbang Gabi. The chilly air and Christmas atmosphere make this exercise not only easy, but fun and exhilarating as well.

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Gypsy said...

Hmm...thanks for these helpful hints! I sure will need 'em. I dont know if this is healthy advice or not but if you lose about 10 lbs before the holidays at least may allowance ka to gain. Hehe.

Sure we can meet! Could you give me your email addy para i-work out natin when's the best time? Uwi kasi akong Davao mid Dec...

julie said...

Eating before going to a party is what we do, especially with the kids, because they can get very excited and not eat.

Rowena said...

Gypsy, you may email me at See you soon. Btw, my sister got back na rin.