Sunday, August 24

Weekend Snapshot: Parties, Parties at Taste Asia

Posted below are pics taken during the first Coke Party for Bloggers, the Pond's Event (introducing the age miracle cream) and the 2nd Coke Party for the Awarding of Winners on the Coke video blog contest, which I attended. And I can say I really enjoyed attending the Coke events which gave me a chance to bond with fellow bloggers. It's also great to see friends in San Miguel, together with Taste Asia, they provide good food and overflowing drinks (kidded that they should have ordered to moi, am wholesaler of San Mig beers, he he). And of course, am drooling over the very yummy ice cream cake which they served during the 1st and recent Coke events.

ice cream cake

more drinks, thanks to San Miguel

our take-home during the 2nd Coke event

fillet mignon

baked mussels

chicken cordon bleu

camaron rebosado

cases of coke zero were given away to each guests
during the 1st Coke event last June

checking the tone, during the Pond's event

Pond's Institute staff checking my skin's moisture

bloggers watching the band

red carpet entrance to Taste Asia


Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Wenchie. Glad you enjoyed all those great events.

It's been ages since I had some ice cream cake.

Recently ko lang na discover yang Minute Maid orange juice. I like it very much. In fact, bought several bottles which we brought to the beach.

Delicious buffet. Type ko yung baked mussels and camaron.

That looks like an interesting way of checking your skin tone and moisture.

Thanks for sharing all these great photos.

exskindiver said...

baked tahong.

lady cess said...

i think i saw this event on tv!

{girl}forallstatus said...

Fun events. I've never been to any blogger events. Ang layo naman kase ng mga venues. I live in qc kase. Hope I could be in one next time. =)

raqgold said...

i love baked tahong and yes, ice cream cakes, yum! kelan kaya ako maka attend ng ganitong event, hmm :)

SASSY MOM said...

oh, looks like you really enjoyed those events and of course, the food. Happy weekend!

Annamanila said...

Wow. Ang galing talaga ng mga events sa Taste Asia ano? They really treat bloggers royally. Sarap ng food!