Wednesday, August 27

The U.S. Elections

My bet Senator Barack Obama with his chosen VP candidate, Senator Joe Biden.

How the President Gets Elected

1. Candidate announces plan to run for office. - This announcement launches the candidate's official campaign. Speeches, debates and baby kissing begin.

2. Candidate campaigns to win delegate support. - The first stage of a presidential campaign is the nomination campaign. At this time the candidate is competing with other candidates in the same party, hoping to get the party's nomination. The candidate works to win delegates- representatives who pledge to support the candidate's nomination at the national party convention - and to persuade potential voters in general.

3. Caucuses and primary elections take place in the states. - Caucuses and primaries are way for the general public to take part in nominating presidential candidates. At a caucus, local party members gather to nominate a candidate. A caucus is a lively event at which party leaders and activists debate issues and consider candidates. The rules governing caucus procedures vary by party and by state. A primary is more like a general election. Voters go to the polls to cast their votes for a presidential candidate for delegates who will represent the candidate at the party convention. A primary election is the main way voters choose a nominee.

4. Nominee for President is announced at the National Party Convention. There are two primary political parties in the U.S.- the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. The main goal of a national party convention is to unify party members. Thousands of delegates gather to rally support for the party's ideas and to formally nominate party candidates for President and Vice President.

After the convention, the second stage of the presidential campaign begins: the election campaign. In this stage, candidates from different parties compete against each other as they try to get elected President.

5. Citizens cast their votes. - Presidential elections are held every four years on the Tuesday after the first Monday of November. Some Americans think that when they cast their ballot, they are voting for their chosen candidate. Actually, they're selecting groups of electors in the Electoral College.

6. The Electoral College casts its votes. - Every state has a number of electors equal to its number of Senators and Representatives. Laws vary by state, but electors are usually chosen by popular vote. An elector may not be a Senator, Representative or other person holding a national office.

In most cases, the electoral votes from a particular state go to the candidate who leads the popular vote in that state. The winner takes all system can produce surprising results. On the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December, the electors cast their ballots. At least 270 electoral votes are required to elect a President.

7. The President is inaugurated. - On January 20, the President enters office in a ceremony that is known as the Inauguration and takes the presidential oath.


Toe said...

I just watched Obama's acceptance speech. Very impressive!

Sana citizens of other countries can also vote for the US president no? :) After all, what happens in the states affects the rest of the world.

Chesca (exskindiver) said...

hi wench.
i wish i knew more about politics.
i don't.
i am rather interested in this years elections though.
my husband's family are all republicans
while the Silvas (my family) they are all democrats.
I am registered independent.
(that is because i do not know enough to make a decision)

Sexy Mom said...

i watched his acceptance speech in full, wishing that if he were US president, he would be able to fulfill all his promises. we cannot deny it--whatever happens in the US has an impact to the world.

if only for ending the war, i lie him. i am yet to listen to McCain, though, and read about him

but if americans again vote for another Bush, we will all be damned! lol

evi said...

wow! looks like you really did your research. i hope when he wins, he will deliver.