Thursday, August 7

Meme: Chores I Hate Most

Karen (of My Life, My Own Piece of Heaven) tagged me to do this meme. First I want to mention that I love to do house chores (with or without helpers around), I'm a bit an OC, I want our home especially my kids room and their things to be always clean. I hate to see dusts and I don't like my kids to have asthma attacks very often because of that. I'm also fond of watering the plants in the garden, fixing my kids things, cleaning their closet, washing the car, cleaning the bathroom, a little of cooking and doing the laundry. Before I digress from the tag, here's my answer, I hate to do the ironing of clothes. I let the helpers do that. Can't stand the heat of the iron and have no patience ironing the pleats on skirts and pants. And I also hate to....what else...can't think of any more chores that I hate doing.

There I'm done. To my mommy-blogger friends, what's your answer on this meme?


Lynn said...

Same here. I don't like ironing the pleats and all. Takes so much time.

raqgold said...

i used to hate ironing; but since i only iron clothes when i am alone -- i find it now to be a bit of a refreshing thing to do :) what i really hate now? magtiklop at magsalansan ng damit, hehe

Cookie said...

ako naman gusto ko namamalantsa. kaya lang may caveat..kailangan sa bedroom..tsaka naka-aircon at tv..hahaha :D

i don't like sweeping the floor and wiping alikabok..kasi may allergy ako. other than that..i love household chores too :D