Tuesday, June 24

Winning A War of Stealth

We are so proud to see BIL (the youngest general in the country today) on Time magazine. Actually he's been featured in numerous magazines here and abroad before. To show him how much we appreciate his work and all the help/support he's given my hubby and our family as well, I'm posting some portions of the interview.

Here's first few paragraphs of the article. Check the rest of the story here.

Just before dawn, residents of a small village on Jolo Island, in the southern Philippines, were woken by footsteps and muffled hoofbeats. Peeking out in the dim light, they saw dozens of heavily armed men marching past their houses. One was on horseback. With a pang of fear, some villagers recognized him: Khaddafy Janjalani, leader of the Abu Sayyaf terrorist group and one of Southeast Asia's most wanted men. They had seen his face in posters advertising a $5 million reward for his capture.

Most of the villagers stayed indoors. But after dawn one man stole outside. He drove to the army headquarters in Jolo, the island's main town, where he alerted military officers to the terrorists' route and their likely destination. The next day a Philippine marine reconnaissance platoon ambushed Janjalani in his jungle hideout, killing the al-Qaeda-linked terrorist and delivering what authorities believe was a crushing blow to Abu Sayyaf's morale.

That operation took place nearly 22 months ago. News photos at the time showed the informant, code-named Chief, with his face blotted out, posing beside the $5 million cash reward. Most people assumed he was headed for a new life overseas, where the terrorists could not find him. But today Chief, wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap as his only disguise, is sipping a soda at the home of a Filipino general on Jolo Island, not far from his village where he still lives. For the authorities, Chief's decision to stay is one of many signs that Abu Sayyaf is on the run. "They suspect me, definitely," he says of the Islamist group's dwindling membership. "They have tried to kill me. But I never thought of leaving Jolo. I know the armed forces will protect me. And if I leave, the terrorists will suspect me more. They will come after my family." Chief says he doesn't regret what he did. "I didn't do it because of the money. I felt it was my duty to protect myself and other people. My motivation is peace."


raqgold said...

i believe that pinoys are all brave souls! salute to your BIL, he's a great example of one!

soloops said...

cheers to your BIL and to the AFP!

lady cess said...

bigatin talaga ang family mo. saludo ako sa bayaw mo =)

Sexy Mom said...

saludo ako kay SIR! rare, and one to be emulated by the young and old uniformed alike.

Heart of Rachel said...

I admire your BIL's courage and dedication to his country and countrymen.

julie said...

When I saw him on TV re Ces Drilon kidnapping, siyempre I bellowed, "Yan yung bayaw ni Wenchie!"

Congratulations and keep up the good work, Sir :)

VerĂ£o said...

Wow Wench, you must be so proud to have him in the family! Thanks for the great post!

You sure have blogging down to a tee! I'm impressed! Maybe one day you can give me lessons! ;)


rowena said...

Hi guys, thanks. He's one nice fellow, actually he's my fave BIL bec. he's been taking care of my hubby (the youngest sibling) for so long. He's really a supportive brother. He was recently promoted to a two-star general. And hopefully, be the next Commandant of the Philippines Marines.

Hi Pinky, thanks. Nice to see you back here. Just email me if you want to add something on your blog. I also got a lot of help from my fellow bloggers. Hope to see you soon classmate. ;-)