Wednesday, June 18

I'm Back....

After a week of absence in the blogosphere, I'm back. Been busy with my kids' schooling, have to go back and forth to their school, attend parents orientation (again), buy books and school supplies at National Bookstore, shop for Pio's new polo shirts and shorts plus additional undershirts and socks. Yes, Pio is going back to the traditional/regular school. After a year of home school, hubby thinks our only son should go back to a big school with lots of classmates. They're now 30 in his class. Besides, I couldn't handle home schooling two kids, my youngest Bea is now home schooling too.

I also attended another business opportunity conference with Reliv Company (dealing with health products) at the Hotel Intercon last weekend with my kids and my sisters. Will post about it next time.

So I would be juggling my time with 3 kids in school, home schooling, our business and house chores. I hope I'll still have time for blogging.

Here are some random pics I took, planning to use them for Photo-Hunt or Weekend Snapshot but never got the time to post in time.

Pio getting ready for the flag ceremony

Pio's 1st day in school, the youngest in Grade 1, he's only 5 yrs. old

Nicole on her last day of ice skating lessons at MOA

Gabbie with idol, Hannah Montana at SM

Architect Rachy Cuna's floral art work at the hotel lobby

Gabbie's Mickey on a hanger

the long queue at National Bookstore

Bea the Mannequin

my sisters Chic and Yae with Hotel Intercon's trusted guard-dog


Heart of Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing these photos. Pio looks great in his school uniform. Amazing that Pio is already in Grade 1 at age 5.

I'm sure Nicole enjoyed her skating lessons. Bea, the mannequin, how cute!

Nice photo op with the cute Lab.

Lynn said...

Pareho kami ni Pio, grade 1 at 5 y/o. Haha. Anyway, busy moms, pero ang saya i-chronicle through pictures 'no? Have a good day, Wenchie!

rowena said...

Hi Rach, Pio is still hesitant to go back to the regular school, he still prefer home schooling. You're right, Nicole enjoyed her lessons, she's now in level 3. Hopefully, she continues til the figure skating lessons. While Bea is so kikay naman posing with the mannequins, he he he. I'm also planning to get a new pet, another Labrador, just like the one in the pic. We have a black one here at home just like Bruno.

Hi Lynn, yan na lang kaya ng powers ko, mag post ng pics, he he he. Have a great week my friend.

chateau aka imom said...

Hi Wench! Hay, back to iskul blues nanaman tayo. Kapagod no? Sana summer na ulit. haha
Sayang we missed you sa Nail Loft. See you next time. :)

julie said...

Wenchie, Pio looks cute in his uniform, nanibago ba?

Congratulations to Nicole :)

Your sisters are so gorgeous ha. Si Chic ba yung kasama natin dati sa Taste Asia?

rowena said...

Hi Chats, yup, sobra stress. Kapagod mag hatid sundo. Kaloka schedules ng mga kids ko. Too bad nga I missed the Nail Loft gimmick. Next time, sana makatakas nako from house chores, he he.

Hi Julie, 5 days na umiiyak si Pio sa school. Nanibago talaga. Bantay tuloy beauty ko sa hallway nila. Sa Monday bawal na raw me parents. Hope Pio's adjusted na by then. And yes, Chic's with us at Taste Asia, still single, hanap mo nga ng bf, he he he.

Gina said...

busy,busy,busy ha!? =)

Gwapo naman ni Pio in his neat and crisp school whites.

With the way, you are guiding and caring for your kids, Wenchie, they will be successful in their endeavors.

Cheers to the supermommy!

rowena said...

Hi Gina, thanks. Yeah, am super busy. Got no time to even comb my hair, ha ha ha. Hope Pio won't cry anymore come Monday. Di ko ma-take umiiyak my only son. Hay, mama's boy na talaga sya. Di na sya sanay di ako kasama. And I really hope and pray that they all grow up to be good, God-fearing, loving and successful individuals.

Annamanila said...

Omg, Pio is in grade 1 and only five! I guess 2 or 3 years old pa lang, pinasok mo na sya sa nursery.

This post made me nostalgic about my young-mommy days. You won't believe the tons of school supplies I purchased at National. And the assembly line in my house for covering books and notebooks! In a sense, I feel liberated. I another, hmmmm medyo nakakamiss din. Sniff sniff.

lady cess said...

i hope pio has adjusted in school. kung hindi pa, i'm sure he'll enjoy it in no time. hay, pasukan na naman.