Saturday, June 28

Photo Hunt

Photo Hunt: Bright

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bright day in the metro

one bright day

bright lights at the Fully Booked bookstore

bright light used for a tv shoot in our home

bright kid....ha ha ha


Tina of MyGoodFinds said...

Uy may shooting! :) what was the TV program?

Bright kid, that works!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sexy Mom said...

brightest syempre yung sa "kid"! congratulations

storyteller said...

Fun series for today’s ‘bright’ theme ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

rowena said...

Hi Tina, it was the shoot for Maalaala Mo Kaya episode last year. Have a great weekend.

Hi Dine, thanks. Nice to see you here.

Hi Storyteller, thanks for the visit.

julie said...

Of course, brighter than even the brightest are our children. Not just their minds but their smiles :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Great choices for the theme. That looks like one fine day in the city. I wish we'll have good weather like that this week.

A child's accomplishment is always a wonderful reason for celebration.

Take care.

lady cess said...

korek! nakakasilaw ang medalya!

Gina said...

The last one shone the brightest!

Catching up on the latest. Actually read the one before this and was wondering who's your BIL =) but he must figure prominently in the news esp. with the recent kidnapping of Ces D.

He certainly is somebody to be proud of.

rowena said...

Hi Julie, Rachel, Cess--yeah kids are the brightest light in every mom's life...

Hi Gina, BIL is the general I've mentioned in the previous post. He's on Time mag again (the 2nd time). ;-)